What is it?

It is frequent that the company’s Vision and Mission are just empty words. With a creative visualization, though, they can become a concrete incentive for the Team. We’ve talked about Vision as a highly abstract and distant concept but with the Mission we move on to a slightly more concrete phase of the training. Indeed, it is the goal that the company set.

The Mission is, therefore, to have a role in a project to be carried out, but it is also something more: to feel part of it.


Its concept can be divided into two areas. The first one is referring to the identity of the company while the second one to the role of the person within the business. In order, they focus on the Corporate Mission – what it is projected to do, not only in the short term but above all in the long-term and on the role that each person plays and his contribution to the good development of the company.

Make your team feel respected, empowered and genuinely excited about the company's mission.

Tim Westergren, co-founder of Pandora

How can it make a difference?

Each person is important to reach the goal, so it is important to understand how everyone feels and what thoughts, bounds or approaches they have. For example, if the company aims to internationalize, it is important to comprehend how the whole team sees this option. There are probably some colleagues who will feel uncomfortable about some aspects, such as learning a new language, or moving to a different country or some others who have doubts about business travels.

Every Mission brings with it different suspicions, doubts or fears. Obviously, we suggest to identify and resolve them in order to allow a more positive and relaxed approach. Once all doubts are removed, the team will be able to work in harmony.

Why is it important to have a Mission that is shared by everyone?

Sharing a unique Mission represent a stimulus and motivation as well as a goal. To achieve the internalization of the Mission it is important to make your Team aware of the basic concepts of the company.

This is to underline how important it is not to take for granted the sharing of meaning of the same word. For example, every member within the team would define the word “success” differently. There will be some who would connect it to work, some to money, and maybe some others to balance. The faces could truly be endless and being aware of others’ point of view really is an element of enrichment.

mission team coaching

Furthermore, not confronting on the value of a concept – the Mission in this case – is one of the main reasons of a fallacious communication. It becomes even more serious when there is no communication and internalization of a common goal within the company. A shared Mission is one of the main features of a cohesive team.


When choosing a Team Coaching training?

Both the Team Mission and the individual one are fundamental points on which every working reality should reason on. Every respectable company must give the right importance to it. Only in this way, all of the team will be able to answer in the same way to these questions:

  • What is the Mission of the Team?
  • What’s the mission inside the Mission?
  • What is the Mission of the people that work with you?

If you can’t answer these questions, our Team Coaching training is what’s best for you!

Are you aware of the company’s Mission?

Vision, Mission and Movie Making

Movie Making Team Building is one of the activities we prefer for defining and sharing the Vision the Mission and the Values. It is a format that we often use to deal with very wide and important corporate topics, such as these three.

Especially in realities when we talk about multinationals, these concepts are usually dropped from above. Those who find themselves at a lower level on the hierarchical scale, then, just take them as they are. In an environment like that, therefore, it is difficult to give the opportunity to contribute, participate and elaborate these concepts.

Thanks to the creation of a movie, however, the team is forced to summarize wide topics using a limited number of words. Team members also have to learn to use few concepts by working together on creation and imagination. The Movie Making teambuilding allows participants to project something on video that can then be shared and discussed. This is in order to bring the team work in a common area, making use of few but clear concepts.

movie making
Movie Making and Mission: align the teams

We talk a lot about aims and targets but, actually, in lots of companies they’re not more than just numbers. Just quantities to reach in terms of selling and money. What’s important, though, it is what lies behind those numbers. It has to be an idea, a value or a dream. It’s not always easy to make everyone participate in this dream, but it is essential to at least align the teams. That’s useful so that we can make people feel pushed and guided. Through the Movie Making activity, then, we try to raise awareness on works and concepts that too often are not even clarified.

To make another example, i f we ask people “what does success mean to you?” there could be several different answers. All the meanings are valid and important. But here the point is that the meaning you give to the word “success” is not necessarily the same attributed to it by others. Asking people to clarify some content is often much more difficult than you might think, even if with simple words.

Superheroes for one day

One of the things we keep repeating is that diversity is good. We like to think about the importance that everyone has within the team. Also, we want to know how they work to reach the goals they want to achieve. In fact, if each member of the team has its own peculiarity and manages to integrate it positively into the team, this will become extremely powerful.

Every person in this world has characteristics that make them unique and essential. Individual uniqueness is a determining factor in achieving the Mission of the Company. That’s because it enriches and helps develop the company’s function.

Generally, different personalities and approaches tend to be rejected because they  can bring chaos. They are a break from the “conventional” that frightens and, consequently, are repelled in favor or more similar personalities.


So, what we suggest to do in order to make team members aware of their artistic and creative side is make them become superheroes for a day. Everyone can turn into whoever they want and transform themselves into superheroes. They can create a character that helps them get out of the comfort zone. Also, it is a way of getting aware of the different aspects of their personalities.

Are you sure your team is aware of the company’s Mission?