Murder Mystery Dinner Team Building

A role-playing activity

An exciting role-playing activity straight from the novels of Agatha Christie: Team Building Murder Mystery Dinner! This is the only mysterious teambuilding in which participants are both investigators and suspects.

This is the most classic role-playing game, invented, apparently, by Agatha Christie. In England it still takes place every weekend at the hotel where she has started it in the late 1920s – almost a century ago! Unlike any other detective Team Building, Dinner With Murder in Qatar gives each participant an active role. In the atmosphere of a thriller the events follow each other at a fast pace. Participants must investigate, search for clues, interrogate suspects and finally solve the case. A realistic mysterious story for one evening or even a whole weekend, it’s also a fun full immersion experience.

Role-playing means that the participants live the life of some characters for a while. So, they’re more than just detectives: they are also actors who interpret some parts! That’s an original addition by Teamworking that adds a twist to what is usually just a show to watch passively.

Murder Mystery Dinner: How do we do it?

The important thing that it is not the classic version, where actors play in front of you. In Dinner with Murder Team Building the team members will become actors. Our trainers act as actors and directors together, involving the team and attributing the parts to act. There are those who will be murdered and who will eventually turn out to be the murderer: who plays does not know it! Each team member will have guidelines to follow for his character, while he is free to choose any gadgets and disguises.

The activity takes place obviously during a dinner or even a lunch if you want, with the recited parts that take place in the breaks between the courses. For this Team Building activity it is important to have an exclusive restaurant hall with enough space between the tables to pass. Ideally, a space similar to a stage. For a large number of participants it is necessary to have audio systems.

Participants of a Murder Mystery Dinner:

  • experience their ability to observe and analyze details;
  • act and improvise according to the given rules;
  • track timing;
  • manage the communication process and any internal conflicts within the team;
  • use all available resources to better address the different situations proposed.
Are you ready to solve the mystery?

Why Murder Mystery Dinner is suitable as Team Building Activity?

In addition to the fun and aggregation purpose, a Murder Mystery Dinner lends very well for the experiential training in particular on the issues of problem solving and Team Building.

Teamwork, analysis of the situation and problems, method and spirit of initiative: these are the rewarding characteristics of this type of activity.

In the process of this Team Building activity it is possible to identify the hidden capabilities and have an opportunity to take a new look at colleagues. It is also possible to form teams for ambitious projects and reveal the internal reserves of the team and the most positive and bright sides of participants.

Advantages of Team Building Dinner With Murder in Qatar:

  • participants do not attend a theatrical performance but become themselves the protagonists of the plot;
  • the plot is realistic (excluding, of course, the victim…) but also full of funny twists;
  • as we specialize in Team Building activities for companies, we know how to manage the dynamics of business groups;
  • it is possible to create a video of the activity;
  • finally, it’s simply an original, fun and engaging way to organize a corporate dinner.

Which novels can we use?

Currently, the detective genre looks like a huge successful corporation. With many subsidiaries, including American, ironic, historical and many other styles. And this business once began, like many others, with a small, almost elite office, which is now called the classic English detective fiction. Often our Team Building is based on the novels of Agatha Christie. Why? Because of their variety, but not only.

In fact, in the classic English detective there are no fights, chases, mass carnage. The world in which the action takes place is absolutely closed, detached from reality. A certain group of people gathers in a certain limited space. They are all very different, each with its own oddities. Among them, as a rule, there is no one seems “typical killer”. However, the murder happens. Everyone either could or had a motive. So, the team conduct the investigation on the spot, and figure out the killer in a logical way.

All these characteristic make the English detective story perfect for a Murder Mystery during a corporate dinner! But we also can build a personalized plot for our customers, in case of special requests.

Enjoy your dinner… with crime!

The “Masters” of our team will provide you any particular object that proves necessary for the conduct of the evening. For this activity the participants do not need anything. Only the great common passion for theater, cinema, alternative business training, role-playing games and the search for new and engaging forms of fun! And as well a lot of imagination and creativity, that will allow the realization of a project that has the aim of entertaining. In the event that the purpose is not only playful, but also educational. If requested, our trainers can take care of personalizing the event.

Goals are easily achievable with this activity:

  • facilitate communication;
  • stimulate creativity;
  • bring out leadership;
  • educate to work for goals;
  • develop empathy and listening;
  • transmit vision,
  • mission and company values;
  • evaluate potential and attitudes;
  • bring management and operational staff closer together.
dinner with murder

Location for the event

The perfect location for a Murder Mystery Dinner? A restaurant, of course. The most important condition is that the team has a room of its own for the occasion. In this way, they aren’t disturbed by anybody, and don’t disturb others in turn. Furthermore, all the participants must be seated in the same room, and not distributed in different spaces – otherwise they won’t be able to follow all the event. Finally, we need some free space between the tables, for our directors and actors to walk. It would be ideal, especially for large groups, to have also an area that can be used as stage, and a sound system.

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