Online Team Building

With this Team Building format, participants will have the opportunity to participate in an activity different from the usual ones, solving crossword puzzles. The enigmatic competition allows companies to “evaluate” their employees on the knowledge of the most important corporate topics, such as Vision, Mission and Values.

But there’s more, the words of the personalized crossword puzzle can touch various themes, from the most serious, such as data and products, to the most playful ones, regarding the close relationship between team members.

In this activity, a crossword puzzle scheme will be created, tailored basing on the company’s requests. The words to solve the crossword puzzle, therefore, will be inserted according to what are the most important keywords for the company or for the team of participants.

To obtain the definitions of the crossword puzzle, the participating teams will have to solve other puzzles, enigmas and/or tests for which cooperation and collaboration will be required. Based on the result achieved in each test, the trainer will evaluate the participants and decide how many definitions to give in order to allow them to continue solving the crossword.

In addition, multiple crossword puzzles can be generated for very large groups. We will use already compiled schemes for the resolution of a final crossword puzzle. Its resolution will unite all the groups in one big team.

A different crossword puzzle than usual


We has the idea of ​​creating a challenge for true puzzle-lovers focused on the company, in a virtual way. In addition to the fun, this activity also tests the knowledge of the participants on different aspects of their job: not only products, services and processes but also colleagues, collaborators, future and past events.


In a first phase, people will have to gain the opportunity to get the definitions by solving other puzzles and passing different tests. Only later, once the trainers give them definitions, there will start the real competition. Teams will strive for inserting as many words as they can into the scheme.

It is therefore a highly customizable activity and is an opportunity to be together even from a distance.

This type of Stream Building is a simple but powerful tool for building team spirit through collaboration, but also healthy competition.

Don’t miss the chance to try this format!

Crossword: test yourself

Close or distant, this Team Building format is excellent for testing your communication skills, problem-solving ability, logic and creativity. Getting out of the daily routine of work and completely immersing yourself in solving riddles at a distance and without distractions is not easy at all.

First, in fact, the team will have to collaborate and try to solve the puzzles together to obtain the definitions. Participants will have to think on all the topics that come to their mind to find the keywords that could be part of the scheme. Each participant will have the opportunity to share their ideas and reflections with others, via chat or video call, and they will come to create that union and teamwork that will allow the resolution of the scheme.

The peculiarities of a team Crossword puzzle

The work of solving an online crossword puzzle requires great concentration and collaboration. Furthermore, another of the fundamental aspects on which this type of Team Building works is communication. It is already complex to work on a crossword puzzle with friends while lying on the beach. In this case, participants will be at home alone by themselves, and forced to speak from behind a screen.

This is an opportunity to improve various aspects of the team’s characteristics, among which they will improve and stimulate:

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • The creativity
  • The communication
  • Problem solving
  • The ability to work in a team
  • Healthy competition
  • The division of work

Through this virtual Team Building you will have the opportunity to join forces and challenge your colleagues on the knowledge of the facts of your company. The most loyal customers or collaborators who first solve the most complicated puzzles can be rewarded. It will be a fun way to challenge and get to know each other better.

Don’t miss the chance to try this new format!