Team Building Corporate Song

A music and creative format

Among all Music Team Building activities, one of these that allows you to put inside the values of the company is Team Building Corporate Song.
In this type of activity, moments of reflection alternate with moments of creativity. The basic idea is the possibility of bringing company values together with the needs of employees.

When there are misunderstandings or difficulties  in the company, it is good to pay attention to what you want to communicate to the team. But above all it is important to reflect on how to convey the message. With the Corporate Song you can project your employees towards a common look and focus on what really has value for the company and the team.

With the Corporate Song activity the team spirit becomes more strength and  communication becomes central. At the same time, through experiential training, we have fun together. This formative activity have a playful and creative component.

For a good working success it is very important that each member of the group has a strong understanding with his leader, his ideas, his values ​​and his objectives.

The aim of the Corporate Song activity is to build a bond made of values ​​and emotions, and this musical format is perfectly suited to this task.

The song to represent a team? It is possible!

Creating a song from scratch that represents your corporate Team is a fantastic opportunity to experience the power of music and its long-term benefits. The Corporate Song can be based on famous melodies or it is possible to create another one that best reflects the “rhythm” of the company.
In both cases the result will be the same: a Corporate Song that will echo in the corridors of the office in the years to come.

These are some of the additional effects of the activity with a strong emotional impact! The sense of belonging during this activity is very powerful: the participants will feel a united group.

The Corporate Song is a pleasant type of Team Building and although it has a lower adrenaline level than other of our many proposals. Surely the positive impact that will have effects on the single person, and consequently on the entire company, it will be long and satisfactory. Corporate Song is a truly effective activity.

Team Building Corporate Song in Qatar: What are the Benefits?

Try to imagine yourself in the corridors of your office! It will come to your mind that more than once you have crossed your gaze with the usual familiar faces. But at the same time it will also have happened to see someone who has never met before.

Very often the working life is hectic and you do not have time to stop to greet those who pass by, let alone to have a chat. Very often the working life is hectic and you do not have time to stop and speak. The result of this lack of relationships, especially within companies with a large number of employees, could be that team fails to pursue the shared goal.

However, this negative and unsatisfactory image is possible to replace with a different vision. Let’s try now to imagine a new scene. Your team have experienced the Team Building Corporate Song activity and have created a hymn that represents the company. Next days the team come back in the workplace and starts the usual routine. You need to photocopy an important document so go through all the offices between you and the photocopier. And suddenly you notice that there is something different in the air!
Do you hear that, too? There is someone whispering the song you composed a few days before!

After hearing it, you start to sing it too! And also in the hallway, the colleague you had never seen before, exchanges a smile and begins to sing it too!
This is a moment of union, feeling part of something is always important and to learn to make a team. There is no better way than to start communication even from a small chorus that unites.

And so…

…from this emerges that it is not just the work of a day. It becomes the synonym of working on something that continues to live for weeks and months after the Team Building. It also creates a sense of belonging, culture, and especially shared memories.
The goal is to create a metaphor that links a corporate community and a choir: many people, one voice. And even better when through the song you can convey the values of the company.

Music Team Building Corporate Song in Qatar
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Why to choose a Corporate Song Team Building?

Using the passion of music combined with your work is a creative and unusual Team Building Corporate Song. It can be practiced at key moments in a company. When the company go through difficult periods, there is a concentration of important events, you can opt for this solution.

Through this alternative format and a Team Building path you can put into music the company values. There is nothing more human than music, the only truly universal form of expression. For this reason the favorite artists of each of us arouse strong emotions.

We want to know how they create their songs? How do they give us those emotions that made us fall in love with them?
Music is an instrument of expression without limits, and this also applies to every company. Is dynamism the basis of your values? Do you prioritize ethics and integrity as key factors in your business? Any feature you search for in your collaborators, this will find expression in your song.

To express on paper the strengths of a team that collaborates towards a common goal can be considered an experience of strong impact. Corporate Song allows to think about what are the key principles that move a team. Music is the best means to communicate!

How do you create a corporate anthem?

The installation of the recording room is very elaborate as there are microphones that are able to absorb all the voices of the choir. This way every team member will participate and can make his voice heard. The speakers for playing the melody throughout the room, the headphones to better listen to the rhythm and an expert sound technician who will record the song with technical instruments are always available!

The first phase of the text acquisition foresees an important moment of brainstorming, in which all the most identifying words of the company will emerge. These words can represent values, slogans that are repeated frequently in the company or even funny phrases that colleagues use. From these words you can draw inspiration for the rhymes to be included in the song. But above all, the title that will be chosen by all participants will emerge.
After the first phase, participants divide into groups and the creative moment begins. Following the metric and setting rhymes, we begin to give life to the Corporate Song!

The development of the text is very simple and intuitive: equipped with paper, pen and the base of the song, the participants must create their own musical text, giving maximum space to their creativity. Followed step by step by a good music team, the groups will take turns recording their own verse of the song.
At the end of the composition we all gather together in a large hall to listen to the new creation! Finally, the grand finale: putting together the complete text, you can sing the song live.

Technical Information

The choice of location for Corporate Song Team Building depends on suits your needs. It is possible to carry out this activity in green locations and with low environmental impact, such as farmhouses or farmhouses. But also in rooms of beautiful hotels where there are soundproofed rooms to set up the recording room.

What does the Corporate Song format propose:

  • Create your own Corporate Song, with key words for the team;
  • Possibility to express the core values and objectives of your company;
  • Working together to get to know each other better;
  • Fully involve its employees in a constructive activity;
  • Have fun, sing and above all generate a text that will be hummed throughout the office!

In other words, Team Building Corporate Song is an activity for your team with minimal use of resources in terms of time and cost.  With a link created by music and made of ideas and emotions your team will be more motivated than ever!

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