Team Coaching

How to reach the success of the Team

Team Coaching: What is it?

As the word “coaching” suggests, it is a training. In short, it means that it is a process in which a group works together towards a specific goal. With Team Coaching we try to invest more in the company’s growth processes and in the final performance, keeping an eye on the business internal climate and on team member’s communication, in particular. If we want our team to work well, communication must be fluid, clear and direct.


It’s not a secret that working in a team isn’t easy at all. Especially if it is formed of people we don’t know so well. It demands patience, empathy and courage. However, a cohesive and proactive team offers far greater benefits than individual work. This is why a Team Coaching process is fundamental for all those who have the objective of strengthening their group and achieving performances previously considered impossible.

team coaching path

Why you should do it?

To achieve real improvement!

By working on team alignment, sharing objectives and breaking down perceived limits, strong group cohesion can be achieved, with consequent improvement in performance and in the working environment.

For this reason, all groups that aim to strengthen team spirit and achieve the corporate objectives established should undertake a Team Coaching path to achieve concrete change.

How long does it take?

The time is customizable!

The choice depends on the characteristics of the group, the goals it wants to achieved and the available time. The clearer is the goal, the greater are the chances of it being achieved.

Generally, we recommend a path of at least 4 meetings, which represent the minimum time to work on the basic concepts. On average 15 meetings are those necessary to work deeply and 360° on the team. The duration can differ between 6 months and one year, which is the minimum necessary to achieve the established goals and notice the changes.

What does our method consist of?

Working together!

The Team Coaching path is characterized by a first moment of Alignment of the team, followed by individual meetings and experiential checkpoints for the team members. These are the micro-goals or what we call milestones, important intermediate goals.

The topics we talk about in this long journey are, for example, communication within the team, language of the leadership, time management, change management and also stress management.

Therefore, moments of reflection and comparison will alternate with moments of activity and fun.

Team Coaching: who is it for?

A Team Coaching path is suitable for all those teams that want to learn new skills. Also, it is useful for groups that aim for concrete and continuous improvement.

Due to its nature, however, it is particularly suitable for groups with various limits and difficulties, such as:

  • Teams under pressure
  • Newly formed teams
  • Previously merged teams
  • Teams that are about to face new challenges or new markets

Team Coaching is therefore an excellent support for everyone. In particular, though, is extremely important for those teams facing stressful challenges and changes.

Team Coaching: from where to start?

Often teams want to work on final goals without even knowing from where they start. We are a group of experts who has the skills to accompany the Team along a demanding and profound path. By contacting us, therefore, you can find someone capable of answering your questions and resolve your doubts. Moreover, you can find someone who has the right experience to offer you what best suits your company’s needs.

This is an important investment and for this reason it is essential to take the time to understand the actions to be taken in order to make the team improve.

Team Coaching: is our method different?

Yes! That’s because our method is Experiential. We try to make people live real moments through formation and experiential training. What we do consist in pairing the logic level to the emotional level (also known as analogic).

We of Teamworking, among the top experts in Italy, provide our experience all around the world to guide needing companies in a patch that we are sure will leave them satisfied.

Together we will work to help you find a bond that will allow you to achieve new results.

Do you think we’re exaggerating?

Seeing is believing!

Start your Team Coaching!

Our Team Coaching training

We are aware that people often don’t really know what to expect from a Team Coaching path and that’s why we want to share some of the points we usually talk about when we start.

To begin with, we will talk about Vision, Mission, Values and Competence to be able to give you an idea of the topics we deal with and an image of the journey that the Team will travel. Obviously, these are wide concepts that need to be contextualized and customized according to the individual reality considered, under the guidance of an expert coach who can indicate the most suitable direction for the needs of the group.


The concept of Vision is often mentioned but rarely studied in depth, and so it usually remains empty in meaning. By definition, it is an abstract concept as it is a matter of seeing and imagining something that is not yet there, but which, nevertheless, is still very important for achieving a goal. In fact, the Vision stays at the end and at the beginning of every successful company. It shouldn’t be underestimated!

It is important to understand what role we want to have in the world we imagine. For this, we must define and share our ideas within the team. Communicating continuously with others can become frustrating, especially when it happens that we do not feel included or fail to make others understand us. It is not easy to share the same ideas and work in the same direction. Directing one’s energies towards something that does not yet exist, if not only in someone’s head, is a non-trivial effort. It requires trust.

There are some common mistakes that people tend to do while defining the Vision:

  • Not sharing it with the whole company
  • Taking for granted that everyone has understood and internalized it
  • Making it not enough motivating for the team
  • Making the team perceive it as not feasible

These mistakes are more common than everyone may think. Starting from a wrong or not shared Vision, though, we can damage the foundations of a solid and lasting growth.


Vision and Mission, if shared and clear to all, are a concrete incentive for the team.

If previously we talked about the Vision as a mental model, now, with the Mission, we are approaching the concreteness of the business.

Sharing a clear and motivating Mission represent for the Team a stimulus, more than a goal. To achieve the internalization of the Mission, it is important to make the team become aware of the basic business concepts.

We will never tire of repeating how important it is to not take for granted the sharing of the meaning of a single word. Not discussing the value of a concept is one of the main causes of a distorted communication.
Just think of how the same word can be explained in many different ways by every one of us. If, for example, I say the word “victory”, each person can invoke a different image or thought.

The cohesion of the Team’s Mission and the individual one is a point to which every working reality should give the right importance.


Values ​​are the principles on which we base our choices. They allow you to make a choice not only regarding the objectives to be achieved but also for the means to be used.

In other words, the values ​​give us a continuous indication of the decision-making processes to follow, just like a lighthouse at sea that shows the straight path to the ships.


While it is important to ask questions in advance, it is still impossible to predict any type of situation. It is in this case that values ​​come into play, establishing the primary principles to be followed.

A constant indication is not only fundamental for all those occasions when we do not know how to find the answer, but it also helps to focus on a precise path, decreasing the risk of energy and time dispersion.

values team coaching


To understand if the team has the right Competences, we must first understand what specific skills are necessary for the company.

Small businesses often take technical skills as a starting point. But the managerial skills are the ones that make the real difference, both in a multinational company or in a family business.

Many, in the growth process, define a goal but get lost when it comes to deciding how to achieve it. From the abstract part of the Vision we must therefore move to a more concrete strategy, the real stake of the team. If the necessary tools and knowledge are not clear, team success will never be possible. What we do in our Team Coaching training, is form the team leaders and teach them how to use Competencies to reach the goal.

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