Music Team Building

The team “harmonizes” just like an orchestra

Music Team Building is one of the pleasant experiential training categories to practice. In fact, musical activities allow participants to form their team in an absolutely creative way, but without an extreme dispersion of energy and without the need to undertake a long journey far away.

What is music? It’s a universal language that conveys emotions better than any word or gesture. Music connects people in a direct way, breaking down evert limit or border. Thanks to it, people can learn how to communicate not only to the mind but also directly to the heart. It is the perfect way to transfer the company’s vision and mission to both managers and employees. Also, music can make them feel part of a single great mechanism, of a group that shares the same ideas and works for the same purpose.

How to know if Music Team Building is the right tool for you?

Do you think the team is not very attuned? There is no listening or communication, so the team members do not understand each other? Are you frustrated because you feel like you are part of an orchestra that has not tried the songs to play before performing? Does everyone go their own way and so you can’t create a melody between them?

So why not try to “harmonize” your team with one of these Music Team Building activities?

Music speaks directly to the unconscious and so there is no need for words. We understand each other perfectly even between different languages and cultures. The important topics we touch with music are therefore diversity and inclusion. Integrating a team of people who come from very different experiences is usually not easy, yet it can be easily done with music. Musical language is good for any culture or language! That’s because rhythm and melody speak indifferently to everyone.

Music Team Building: orchestra as a company metaphor

In other words, we can say that the orchestra is an excellent metaphor to represent every company. Each instrument has it own role, which may appear insignificant but is absolutely necessary. Nobody can stop playing their instrument without damaging the entire orchestra. Thanks to the Team Building musical activities, the team will learn to align, act together and listen to each other. All qualities of a great importance for the team’s work!


You don’t need to worry, though. For this activity it isn’t required any artistic or musical preparation. During the Team Building event, each participant will be assisted by a professional coach who will give all the necessary basic explanations. Making music has never been that easy!

What can we develop trough a musical team building?

Music team building skills

Team Building musical activities are useful to make the team member develop many important qualities they can take advantage of every day in their personal and working life.

Some of them are:

  • Awareness of one’s role
  • Collaboration
  • Alignment
  • Harmony
  • Group motivation
  • Integration between the various functions of the organization


Moreover, we see that the ability to help each other, to listen to each other, to communicate in harmony and to have the necessary energy to carry out the project are the fundamental skills that the working team develops during the activity. Furthermore, they will also develop their attention and their ability to get involved. Last but not least, the musical approach produces a high level of emotional involvement among the participants, which makes the activity particularly pleasant and fascinating for everyone.

Does it seem interesting to you?

Check out all our Music Team Building formats!

Music Team Building Qatar Percussion Orchestra

One of our musical activities is the Percussion Orchestra. This team building format consists in a group of people who come together in a circle playing drums of various kinds. It’s not a preparation for a performance or a show, but a complete event in itself.

With this activity and with recycled or makeshift instruments, we will form the orchestra of your company. Here, just like in the office, everyone will have their own role and will be able to realize the importance of each tool. The main goal is to share the rhythm and be in harmony with yourself and with the other participants.

The number of participants can be various. It can change from a small number of players up to a hundred people.

The great thing about this activity is that, no matter how many people are playing, the Percussion Orchestra offers equality because there is no hierarchy within it. The main goal is just to share the rhythm and be in harmony with yourself and with the other participants. Everyone will work to form a group consciousness and each member will have a lot of fun! A collective voice is formed, which emerges from the group while playing all together.

There are no spectators in the Percussion Orchestra, but anyone is at the same time part of the musical experience as a musician and as a member of the audience. There is no rehearsal, music is improvisation! Nobody is wrong, everything is welcome, and any outcome will just be great! There is full freedom of expression. There is no teacher, but a coach whose job is to create a team spirit following the rhythm of music.

Why choosing it?

To make people understand the importance of being together.

If you have ever wondered about creating your own song this is the perfect Team Building for you. Here you can create a song that represents your company and it is a fantastic opportunity to experience the power of music and its long-term benefits.

By composing a song, the team spirit is strengthened; each member will work to share an idea and every team will look together for the characteristics shared by all the members of the group. The important thing here is that communication becomes dominant. At the same time, through experiential training, the teams will also have fun together. Therefore, it is an activity with a playful and creative component, but also educational.

During this Music Team Building, for a good working success, it is very important that each team member of the group has a strong understanding of his leader’s ideas, values and objectives. This is important because everyone has to be aware of the fact that their work is part of something bigger and that every achievement is for the benefit of all.

Why choosing it?

When you have time and you want your employees to remember the company’s values. This activity helps them to remember them through a real song.

Music Team Building Qatar Corporate Song
Music Team Building Qatar Lip Dub

The Lip Dub is a music video that team members create all together while dancing on the notes of the hit of the period. It’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time together with colleagues out of the office and get to know them from a different point of view.

It is one of our absolute funniest activities! The Lip Dub is a music video that we all create together singing and dancing on the notes of the hit of the moment. In disguise, using wigs and make up, the team members will dance together following the rhythm of music! It will surely be a great way to spend some hours of pure joy and fun with colleagues. It gives also the opportunity to know them from a new and most of the time unexpected point of view!

Why choosing it?

Because it’s the perfect occasion to relate with people, especially if they are colleagues you work with but you don’t have time to know outside the office.

Beyond the playful aspect, our Lip Dub Team Building brings benefits to both the team and the company. First of all, the Lip Dub is an excellent tool to define and represent the values that the company wants to highlight; then, it is also a great opportunity to bring out creativity, give space to imagination, express people’s personality and it is most of all a means by which the team can improve interpersonal relationships, the level of internal cohesion and develop communication between group members.

Music Race Competition

It is a singing competition between teams, but not only! This is a Team Building activity that aims to create great energy and involvement in the team.

Why choosing it?

When you want your team members to try something new that will surprise them and put them out of their comfort zone! Here participants can choose the song on which they feel more prepared, arrange costumes and ballet and perform in front of their colleagues!

Music Team Building Qatar Music Race Competition
Music Team Building Qatar X-Factor


With this Team Building activity you can make your team members feel like the participants of the famous TV talent show! They must show off their talent, their best qualities as singers and dancers in order to convince the jury to vote for them and so win the contest.

Why choosing it?

Healthy competition and teamwork are the keywords!

Dance Dance Dance

If you want to transform your team into a team of dancers, this is the perfect activity. They won’t need to know how to dance because participants will follow a dance-style lesson, taught by professional trainers. After the lesson they will show everything they’ve learnt and perform on stage in front of colleagues.

Why choosing it?

Because it’s the perfect occasion to know each other under a different point of view and, at the same time, to stay out of the comfort zone.

Music Team Building Qatar Dance Dance Dance
Music Team Building Qatar Body Percussion

Body Percussion

With this activity we will show you that people do not actually need musical instruments to play something: our body can be enough. Body Percussion is a type of Team Building, or Icebreaker, in which we only use hands and body to create music. Let’s get caught up in the rhythm!

An even greener way of making music is with our Body Percussion Team Building, which is not only a Team Building activity but also an Icebreaker. Through this activity we will show you that no musical instrument is necessary to make music because our body is enough: Body Percussion Team Building is an event carried out with your own hands and the whole body.

This format allows team members to practice many key skills using only the body, some creativity and the love for music and rhythm. Participants will find themselves practicing basic musical elements, such as beat and tempo. To do this, they can be everywhere: the location can be a conference room or the beach indifferently.

An experienced musician will guide them along the way, showing every detail of this practice and keeping a watchful eye on each of the team members. Dynamic and stimulating, this Team Building immediately gives a strong sense of union, in which everyone is perfectly aware of the group identity. Participants know that they can maintain coordination while maintaining also their role and responsibility.

Why choosing it?

If you do not have a lot of time but you still want to energize your team this is the perfect choice!

Did you choose your favorite?

Making Music has never been easier!

Don’t worry and don’t be afraid! We’re here to reassure you and to tell you that it is not absolutely necessary to know how to play an instrument, sing or dance to practice these activities. There’s also no need to be in tune or to have had music lessons in the past, the only thing needed is the desire to get involved!


With you and your team there are our coaches who are great musicians and trainers. They know how to bring anyone to make the best use of the instruments without great effort or to make music in the way that can be most pleasant. They do not force participants but give them the opportunity to express themselves and share their emotions, also learning to listen to others.

Attention to Nature?

Try an ecological Music Team Building with the Recycled Orchestra!

We’ve always been attentive to ecologic and social impact of our activities, so we couldn’t avoid thinking of how turning our Percussion Orchestra in still another kind of activity. In fact, you can create your own recycled instruments to play!

You can keep practicing our musical formats with percussion, using however unconventional, recycled or improvised instruments! In this way, experiential training linked to music also leaves room for the values of respect for the environment, the use of recyclable materials and the love for ecology. Especially in a moment like this, when our planet needs to be greener, this is a perfect way to help the nature.

What are you waiting for?