Digital Team Building

How To Keep Your Team Engaged From Home

We are well aware that we are experiencing a global collapse like never before. We have been forced to change our working practices and daily life to work in anything but common conditions.
Many companies have been forced to make employees work from home, with smart working, or even to leave them without a job. We are all in serious difficulty, especially as regards the economic sphere, with a reduced or even zero turnover. The outlook for the economy and living conditions are dramatic.

We at Teamworking also had to rethink our work. We have always worked on experiential training through events, but in this new context we have decided to change our approach. That’s why we decided to create a series of online team building formats.

What are Online Team Building events?

A remote team building is like the usual team building, except for the fact that the participants are at home and do not share the space around them. In a digital team building, team members participate by standing at their desk in front of their computer. For this reason, to interact with the rest of the group, they need to use the latest forms of technology available. Some examples could be video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Teams or Hangouts.


Many traditional team building formats can be adapted to encourage group work remotely. We thought of about thirty possibilities and called them Stream Building.

We have developed formats that allow team members to do team building despite the distance, sharing experiences via the web. Obviously, it’s not like doing a live Team Building activity, but we had to adapt to face and guide change.

What is important for us is to continue our experiential training, both live and through a screen. Of course, we much prefer to go out into the open air and do a live experiential training. In a period like this, though, it is right to rethink the strategies. That’s why we have been working hard to create a way of being together in the same way as before.

Digital team building: Thinking outside the box

How to do team building remotely? The answer is simple: involvement is the key.

Team Building is essential for both regular and remote teams. It must be remembered that team building is a crucial part of any successful business. There are many ways to weave team building activities into daily events and programs. These activities will help you implement icebreakers, quickly build group relationships, reorganize the team, start a new project and many more.

Stream Buildings are the perfect solution! These fun activities and formats are easy to assemble, so they can be done within the working day. They can be easily integrated into any online meeting.

Do you want to know more about Digital Team Building?

What are our Digital Team Buildings?

Stand Up Comedians

Stand-up Comedy is a form of entertainment in which a comedian performs standing in front of an audience, normally addressing it directly, without the fourth wall.

With this Team Building format, albeit digital, participants will be led to analyze the “grammar” of comedy. In fact, they will be offered some schemes that will put them in a position to improvise from 1 to 3 minutes of comedy, making humor. The topics dealt with can be the most varied, from moments of comedy between colleagues to anecdotes or social themes. Similar to theatre and storytelling, but with an extra twist of comedy.

With the virtual Stand Up Comedian activity we offer cognitive, expressive, emotional and pleasant activities.

It is an approach that borrows tools from the theatre world to bring them into everyday life. It is useful in that it helps us socialize and free our mind in a fun way.

stand up comedy

Virtual Graffiti

virtual graffiti

With the Virtual Graffiti format, the team of participants will have the opportunity to collaborate together for the creation of a design within a shared platform.
The idea of ​​this format, in fact, consists in creating complex designs, digitally, with the contribution of all participants. With this activity, each team will have to think, join forces in order to create and share with its group a real mural art work.

At the end of the activity, through successive reworking phases, all the works created by the various groups will be united and put together. This is so as to create a single work that can have different meanings or simply represent the union of the company. This can also remain in the office as a souvenir for the future.

Lip Dub

Lip Dub Team Building is one of our favorite activities to do with music! The goal is to create a wonderful music video clip. This activity can leave a permanent memory between participants who will have to “dub” a famous song by creating their own video while they dance and act.

To animate the event and make the show even more attractive, team members can also create costumes or make up in an eccentric way.

This musical team building, even digitally, manages to highlight everyone’s creativity, a side that usually remains hidden. In addition, it brings a lot of fun and therefore helps team members to socialize. The experience will be unforgettable!

Furthermore, the video produced by the various teams can be reviewed and used also in the company as a means of communication or simply as a reminder of the hours spent together.

lip dub

Escape Room


If you like riddles and enigmas, this is the format for you!

Although digital, the format will consist of a series of puzzles to be solved together with one’s colleagues. The team, in fact, will have to follow a path made of a series of web pages through which to gain clues to reach the final goal and succeed in escaping from the Escape Room.

This format is important for developing team skills such as problem solving and union. The work of solving various online puzzles, in fact, also requires great concentration and collaboration. Furthermore, another of the fundamental aspects on which this type of Team Building works is communication. Another variant of this format is Crosswords.

Thrilling Game

Just like in a classic Murder Mystery Dinner, the participants are summoned to play the mysterious “mystery” character. It is the most classic role-playing game invented, apparently, by Agatha Christie herself.

In a thriller atmosphere, events follow one another with a pressing rhythm. Divided into investigative teams, the participants will have to investigate, search for clues, interrogate suspects and finally reason among themselves to resolve the case. There will be twists, crimes, unexpected phone calls, emails, messages or images to be examined. A realistic dimension of a “crime novel” for the duration of a few hours from the comfort of your own home. A full immersion in mystery, fun and excitement.

All of this, of course, not without eating and drinking something all together, even if at a distance. An aperitif will be the background to the mysterious adventure in the role of detectives.

dinner with murder

Escape The City


As in a real Treasure Hunt outside, exploring the places of greatest interest, historical monuments and the most beautiful prospects has never been so curious. Although apparently they seem like common places, the possibility of participating in a completely innovative teambuilding will change your perspective.

Even online, behind a screen, you can visit cities all around the world. No guided tours and sightseeing tours, but in an interactive and exciting way.

In our case, we have chosen two wonderful and curious cities as destinations: Venice and London.

Each team will receive a map and a series of enigmatic clues that will reveal the path to be taken. These clues will have different aspects, sometimes they will be difficult to find, especially with a virtual map, other times they will be particularly complicated to interpret.

Start Up!

Thanks to this digital Team Building format, team members will be able to experiment and work concretely on the creation of corporate business strategies.

Basically, the format consists of building a company from scratch, a start-up, and analyzing together the way to get it started and how to grow more and more.
We will then have to discuss all the most important issues in the management of the start-up, such as Vision, Mission and Values. In addition, another focus point of the activity will be Guerrilla Marketing, or an unconventional form of marketing that uses low-cost tools to maximize results.

The goals of this activity is to make the team join its forces to create a set of unconventional ways to achieve traditional goals, while identifying with the producer and the consumer at the same time.

Marketing Genius

Through this format we would like to bring the participants to work together on marketing strategies. What we would like them to focus on most is marketing based on the world of social media. We will make sure that they work concretely both on presentations and on social networks.

In fact, participants will be given strategic objectives on the number of people to be involved, sharing and likes.

Also in this case, as in the previous format, there will be the possibility to understand more regarding the advertising and Guerrilla Marketing world. It will therefore be necessary to be able to create a standard of excellence achieved through specific focuses. This, rather than diversifying the offer with different products and services.

In this digital Team Building, as in the real outside world, it will be important to forget the competition. The focus has to be put on how to cooperate with other types of business or ideas. This training team building will allow participants to learn more about the combination of different marketing methods.

Social Media Masters

Through this format, the team will have to work together on the construction of a corporate project and a web page dedicated to a service, product or a strategic business area. Participants must then prepare the communication for all social channels. They need to try to better highlight the specific characteristics of the chosen product or service. All of this by optimizing it for the chosen channel.

The team that manages to obtain the most effective and concrete feedback in terms of involvement will win. In fact, participants will be given strategic goals to reach. These will be basing on the number of people to be involved, sharing and likes to be obtained.

An introduction to Marketing Strategy will be provided in the first part of the event. What we would like the participants to focus more on, in fact, is marketing based on the world of social media. We’ll make sure that they work concretely both on presentations and on social networks.

social media masters
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Why doing digital team building?

Employees who work from home rarely have the opportunity to fully interact with their colleagues as if they were in a “normal” office.

Unfortunately, remote working often causes companies to lose successful communication that would be crucial for employee satisfaction and loyalty. People miss the chance to be together and talk about non-work related things like their hobbies, sporting events, home life or even politics.

You might think that these interactions and these small speeches mean nothing, but actually have a big impact on the team’s performance and motivation.

When team members feel closer, their morale improves, productivity and happiness increase. That’s why it’s important to organize activities that connect employees, making them rediscover the team spirit.

Here you can find our other Online Team Building activities:
Team News

Team News

One of the most innovative formats among virtual Team Buildings is the Team News. With this type of activity, participants will have the opportunity to create a schedule of a television broadcast concerning current news, just like a newscast. Within the overall video, each member of the group will have their own dedicated 1-2 minute space during which they will update their companions on the chosen topic. They can do it seriously like real journalists or even making up a comic character.
Crossword Online

Crossword Online

One of the most interesting formats among virtual team buildings is the Crossword puzzle. With this activity, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a different event than usual. The enigmatic competition allows companies to “evaluate” their employees on the knowledge of the most important business issues. Not only that, the words of the personalized crossword puzzle can touch various issues also concerning the relationship between team members.
Corporate Song Online

Corporate Song Online

One of the most beautiful and engaging formats among the Online Team Building is the creation of a representative song of the company. With the creation of a personalized song it is possible to project employees towards a common look, placing the focus on what really has value for the company and the team and encouraging them to give more and more for the good of all. The teams can videoconference their parts of the song, which will then be mixed after the end of the event.
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