Cooking Team Building in Saudi Arabia

Meeting international cuisine

For years food and events, organized around food, created relationships between people. Cooking Team Building is way to turn employees into a cohesive team by making them work in the kitchen. This is the tool that allows participants to get to know each other better and enjoy the time spent together. This activity is an interesting, original, stylish and very sincere way to spend time with colleagues, learn to help each other, work in a team and enjoy a great result together.

The best description of our Cooking activity?

An afternoon or an evening full of good mood, humor, a lot of positive energy, a moment of “healthy” competition. These are the elements that create the spirit of team. Team Cooking is an opportunity to teach the company’s employees how to interact effectively with each other, help them get to know each other better and establish relationships between different departments. Why should you give preference to this activity?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • It is an event that allows you to identify the leaders of the team, creating an atmosphere of healthy competition;
  • Working together will help to unite, establish relationships between employees, and help them learn to trust each other;
  • It’s ideal for beginners: if there are several “new” employees at once, it is worth helping them to join the team in this way;
  • Looking from the outside: the organization of team building will be a great opportunity to observe what is happening, evaluating the actions and behavior of each participant;

Cooking Team Building: benefits for the team

The basis of this Cooking Team Building is a teamwork in the preparation, design, serving and presentation of dishes. All of these aim at increasing team spirit, improving communication and team cohesion. In fact, participants will have an exciting project in unusual conditions. The time limit has a great effect on the cohesive work of the team. Why? In the first place, it helps to clearly distribute responsibilities among team members in a clear way; then, it teaches them how to build productive working relationships with colleagues; finally, it also develops the ability to optimally organize time.

Here are the advantages of our Team Cooking:

  • development of communication skills;
  • increasing work efficiency;
  • greater ability to work under pressure;
  • growth of trust in personal and professional relationships;
  • fun;
  • creativity.

And it’s simply the nicest way to spend an evening together!

Teambuilding in the kitchen: Where is the secret?

Team Cooking is a successful Team Building format. After the spread on television of reality shows dedicated to cooking, many companies have understood the potential of it. In fact, a Team Cooking activity is perfect as a tool for aggregation and collaboration. But it is also an effective relational and relaxing moment in which everyone can participate while cooking together and then eating! The preparation of something that will be eaten for real creates both a sense of responsibility and a pleasant meeting with a common goal.

These are extremely versatile formats, which can be used as part of a conference or a corporate dinner, as a socially useful event, as a pleasant prelude to the aperitif or as a team culinary competition.

Mandatory requirement for the educational process: to make everyone feel part of a common cause. Divided into teams, participants in the Cooking Team Building prepare dishes which can be included in the dinner menu.

To ensure the success of the culinary event and the good mood for all the participants, they will have at disposal modern tools, as well as fresh high-quality products.

Team Cooking in most cases requires a room with kitchen tables, stationary electricity and access water. But, in some extraordinary conditions, it can happen to hold a Team Cooking in the fresh air. The difficulties associated with the environment, such as rain or scorching sun, wind and insects, can become an addition to the challenge.

Would you like to try a Cooking Team Building?

An example: Pasta Cooking

The first typical dish that comes to mind when someone ask you which food is the best representative of the Italian peninsula is unmistakably pasta.

Preparing fresh pasta is an activity that could be enclosed in the words Italian tradition. Cooking it together with your team could be summed up in the words Pasta Cooking Team BuildingPreparing pasta together with your team is an out of the ordinary activity, a unique moment to share with your mates, your boss or your new colleague just arrived. A small “escape” from the office that will allow the company to live a day in the shoes of a cook.

This 100% Italian culinary format will guide the team to discover the methods of the typical preparation of a dish that everyone loves to eat: pasta. Pasta Cooking will  let to discover all the secrets of homemade pasta. In Italy you can buy any type of pasta, but Italian housewives find time to please their loved ones with homemade pasta, because it is even tastier! Our Italian chefs will share with the culinary secrets and subtleties. For a morning or an afternoon, the kitchen turns into a pasta factory. Participants, divided in groups, will learn how to prepare the most popular types of pasta. Spaghetti, ravioli, tortellini, tagliatelle, gnocchi and even a rare and ancient kind like spaghetti alla chitarra… in Italy there are more than a hundred kinds of pasta, and we are resolute to try all of them.

Pasta Cooking Team Building in Saudi Arabia, first of all, is a way to discover a small part of the Italian culinary tradition. At the same time, teams will enjoy a pleasant and familiar setting in the company of coworkers.

Pasta Cooking for the team

Making fresh pasta is not only about cooking, it’s a team activity. In Italy, when a big family get together for a holiday, it is still a tradition to do fresh handmade pasta all together. All the women of the family, guided by the grandmother, gather in the kitchen making any kind of pasta and chatting. Why not try the same experience with your colleagues? People will:

  • get to know each other from a completely new point of view,
  • divide tasks,
  • learn how to manage time and resources,
  • work in a team,
  • and simply relax.

Team Building Pasta Cooking: How to prepare pasta?

The kitchen for an afternoon turns into a pasta factory and the colleagues of the office become for a day real chefs. The company team will be welcomed by professional chefs who will teach them the main rules to comply with in a kitchen. After a brief introduction and explanation of what will be done during activity, participants, divided into groups, learn how to prepare the most popular types of pasta.

At the disposal of each group there will be everything they need: water, eggs, salt, flour. Once they have worn the chef’s cloths with a hat and apron, they can begin to put hands in the dough. With the support of experienced cooks, the tools for the preparation will be used on the planks: from the machine to make the dough to rolling pins, pasta cutters and kitchen scales.

At the end of the day, the result can be finally tasted by all the diners who participated. This Team Building Activity will be carried out together, helping each other in the preparation. Fresh pasta can then be seasoned in various ways. For example with oil, sauces, tomato or basil. In this way, everyone can choose their favorite dish.

Pasta Engineering Team Building Doha Qatar

What do you learn in this Culinary Team Building?

The Pasta Cooking is a special way to get to know a small part of the Italian tradition, while enjoying a pleasant and familiar atmosphere at the same time. It’s kind of activity when a big family gets together for a traditional party! All the women come to the kitchen to prepare together ravioli or some other type of fresh pasta between chatter.

Why do not to replicate the same family and relaxed environment together with your office colleagues? This type of culinary format has the strength to generate union; people relax, relax and above all … smile. Kneading together is a relaxing activity, it gives people a feeling of home, familiarity. In a few hours you generate harmony, smiles, you are well together. Preparing this activity with colleagues creates a stimulating and creative atmosphere, different from the typical working environment.

Among those who knead, roll out and cut the dough, the Team learns to improve:

  • division of tasks,
  • time and resource management,
  • communication,
  • teamwork.
Would you like to try a Cooking Team Building?