Treasure Hunt

Explore Saudi Arabia with thrilling City Games

City Game or Treasure Hunt is probably our most popular Team Building format. It is an original and thrilling adventure that the participants live among the most ancient parts of the city, such as the souks of Arabian cities like Jeddah or Riyadh.

Cooperating with colleagues or friends and at the same time discovering the city while carrying out creative activities of various kinds is one of the best ways to spend a day in good friendship and find yourself in a new place, outside the usual workplace environment. This activity helps team members discover the qualities and strengths they never imagined.

City Game in Riyadh: an unconventional city tour

Visiting a city with an Urban Team Building activity means living a very different experience from the conventional city tour. Participants will also discover the most interesting places in the city, its wonders and its most beautiful landscapes. But all this will not seem like a tourist trip in which the explanations are provided by a guide, on the contrary, the visit will proceed in a lightheartedcollaborating and amusing way.

Each team will receive some tips on places in the city and a list of creative activities to do during the trip. These tasks will require a great use of imagination! Participants will have to take advantage of the city’s monuments and even the help of its inhabitants to solve puzzles and face challenges in the most artistic way possible.

For each activity, we will give a score that will eventually be used to choose the winning team!

riyadh souk urban game team building saudi arabia

The participants, divided into teams, once received the required instructions, can finally leave for the adventure. They will visit the main points of interest in the city by solving enigmas and riddles, looking for clues and doing photographic activities. The fastest and most creative team wins!

Riyadh isn’t the only destination of our Urban Game and Urban Game iPad. Discover other locations: Doha, DubaiMilan, Rome, VeniceFlorenceIstanbul and many others.

What makes our City Game even more special?

There’s more: our City Game team building setups take benefit from the most up-to-date technologies, especially the iPad. We will have even more fun with it. In fact, our tour becomes even more attractive and interactive. We will take photos and short videos, challenging other teams in quizzes and problems, sending pranks and much more.

This makes possible a larger interaction between the different teams: while they walk around the city, they can send each other photos, messages, and even tricks.

The iPad will even let us explore the special effects of the so-called augmented realityadding virtual elements to the surrounding reality.

A cooler way to visit the city?

Using the iPad. The participating teams have access to an iPad thanks to which their journey becomes much more engaging and interactive: as we said, with the iPad they can take photos and shoot short videos, challenge other teams in small games, send jokes and much more.

One of the characteristics of this Urban Game with the iPad is the photographic activity: within their path, the teams find themselves photographing certain points of interest and making short videos of some places in the city, in order to continue the race. This photographic activity makes the day even more engaging and fun, creating collaboration within each group, which in the end can bring souvenir photos with it.

Urban Game is a team building format that combines the training aspect with the pleasure of discovery and fun.

So, in a way, this activity does business training because it:

  • creates cohesion within the team
  • promotes team spirit
  • develops intuition and problem solving skills
  • improves interpersonal relationships and communication skills

On the other hand, instead, the Urban Game iPad Team Building allows you to spend a fun day exploring unknown places in an unusual and engaging way.

urban game objectives

What are the keywords of this format?

This new format combines:

  • Urban Orienteering
  • Problem Solving
  • Live Action Game

These three components are integrated in an exciting high level of involvement that represents a great source of fun and entertainment. Those who participate in our game visit the city in a fun and unusual way. In this activity they come into contact with the historical, artistic, cultural and enogastronomic aspects of the city. Various challenges and stimulating activities constitute the main element of this format. This activity make team members work together to pass challenging tests!

As we said, the participants, by creating their own “tour”, will travel stages that will allow them to know different aspects of the city:

  • Historical
  • Artistic
  • Cultural
  • Gastronomic

The many stimulating activities constitute the most important aspect that characterizes this format. Urban Game, or Treasure Hunt, is an excellent tool that allows participants to collaborate, interact with local people, learn to communicate, express themselves and, more importantly, get to know each other. Activities to do, challenges to tackle and funny games: that’s how teams get points. The more points you get, the better your chances of winning the Urban Game competition.

The game can also include food and wine breaks: a great opportunity to taste typical dishes, get to know the local culture and the culinary specialties of the area.

Would you like to try one of our City Games?

Take a look at these different options

Urban Game

Urban Game

Urban Game: follow the suggestions, identify the places and travel around the city! An Urban Game, a Treasure Hunt and much more. Here you will have to face inventive challenges while hurrying against the other groups. May the most creative one win!

Urban Movie

Urban Movie

Urban Movie: let’s build our own memories of the visit in the city by making a movie out of our trip! A business spot or a realistic brief film: it only depends on the imagination of the Team. Someone will write its script, others will direct it and some others perform in it. You’ll form an entire cast!

City Game iPad

City Game iPad

Urban Game iPad: a technological game! This exciting Treasure Hunt takes advantage of the latest innovations of science. For example, augmented reality effects. We combine reality and virtual in order to live bizarre but amazing adventures.

Segway Tour

Segway Tour

Segway City Tour: a Segway is a fun and comfortable way to visit a city without getting exhausted for walking too much. The Team will be able to see the most famous monuments in the shortest time possible, thanks to this technologic mean of transportation. But, are you sure you can keep balance?

A special format: Urban Movie Making

Urban Movie activity is aimed at creating a short spot dedicated to the company – its new products or services – or to a particular theme that we care about. With the support of the trainers, participants will carry out all phases of the creative process in complete autonomy:

  • ideation of the project
  • writing a storyboard for the future film
  • shooting
  • audio and video editing
  • special effects

One of our most successful activities, Urban Movie Making is an extraordinary tool to give cohesion to the team and make everyone collaborate in an environment full of joy and creativity!

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