Heroes Day Team Building in Qatar

Take on the role of the superhero for a day!

Coming to the office every day to face the problems and relationships with colleagues seems almost like Mission Impossible? At the end of the week you feel like you are a superhero? Let your dream come true with our corporate format Heroes Day Team Building! Let us be heroes… at least for one day.

Every person has a favorite superhero. When we were kids, we looked up to them and wanted to get their unique abilities. We went to cinemas when they came to life on the big screen. Heroes Day in Qatar is a great way to share this experience with others. In this activity, participants have the opportunity to be creative, constructive and collaborative with colleagues. The team works on the creation of a personalized superhero for everyone. It can be dedicated to the theme of the company, or free.

The focus of the activity consists in the experience of creating strategies and participating to a creative process. Each member of the group has the opportunity to share the energy and pleasure of solving problems with the whole team. Participants discover their inner hero with this unique corporate teambuilding.

Heroes Day Team Building: how do we do it?


At the beginning of the activity, after an introduction on the purpose and goal of the day, each team works in circle on a brainstorming. In turn, the group attributes a superhero to everyone. It’s very important that none of participants choose a hero for themselves. Instead, it’s the team who attributes names and powers. That happens during brainstorming and discussion, that our trainers guide in avoiding possibile negative outcomes.

Of course, the superhero team can represent corporate values and dedicate the transformation to a particular corporate event or goal.

Superhero & Super move

After the discussion has finished its circle and everybody has a character and a name, the team attributes also a secret super move. Each participant will learn to show it off as a weapon that will lead the team to victory. Now it’s time to create costumes and optionally makeup, in order to make the superpowers visible. The team creates its image and gets ready for the final presentation.

A final option: Video with special effects

At the end of the activity, each team will present itself in front of the colleagues, showing the costumes and the super moves. We can propose an exciting add-on: the creation of a video spot that will be enriched by special effects.

To land on the moon, explore a galaxy or live in a cartoon? The customer can choose the setting. A creative and unexpected videoclip is the result, that remains as a memory that expresses the personality of the company.

What is the super power of the team?

We will tell you: Diversity!
The diversity of an office is always a wealth. This happens because each member of the team has peculiarities that make it unique. And if it used intelligently, it strengthens the potential of the team exponentially.
So, Heroes Day activity in Qatar will let to underline the differences and highlight the strengths of each person. Thanks to the different disguises, everyone can create ad hoc characteristics and tell each other. It is an opportunity to dream and see each other strong and without limits.
Often this activity is perceived as a game but going deep you can realize its true potential. Thanks to disguises, the important dynamics can come out and group considerations that can represent the principle of a path of improvement.

With this Team Building you will live an experience just like in a Hollywood movie! Spectacular makeup, fantastic costumes and incredible special effects. During the Heroes Day your group of colleagues will learn to work together and face challenges with humour and fun, in order to become a real Superhero Team!​

heroes day in Qatar

Why Heroes Day Team Building ?

Team Building Heroes Day let you to make a movie experience including spectacular tricks, fancy costumes and amazing special effects. The participants will learn to collaborate and face challenges with humor, fun and will become a real team of superheroes.
The effect of this fun Team Building on the team spirit is truly incredible. After finding themselves impersonating superheroes, colleagues get to know each other better. They will find unexpected points of contact and, in the end, make friends. From now on, thanks to the superpowers of communication and collaboration, facing everyday challenges in the office will be a game! The fun factor brings this team building format closer to another activity with a very high emotional impact: the Lip Dub. And, just as in this other case, the team will be able to make a video spot that will remain as a reminder of the common experience.

Do you want to know more about Heroes Day?

How it will be conducted?

The interesting thing about this Team Building is that it is not just a creating of a group of superheroes. The important part in this activity is the beginning. Participants will have a brainstorming that makes the group, attributing to each team member a superhero. It can be an already existing superhero, for example, a Superman, a Wonder Woman, a Cat woman. But it can also be a special superhero, invented by the participants with power related to the company.

This is fantastic opportunity to give each participant a particular hero. It does not mean that the person says “I feel mysealf a Wonder Woman”, it is about the opinion of the collegues. So, the team members will attribute special qualities to the each other. Therefore, it is an activity, where the group works on how they perceive each other, how they know each other, on the qualities they see in others.

When the person is attributed a superhero, for him it is a very beautiful moment of discovery how others see him. Our trainers conduct the activity in the way that everyone is comfortable. So there will be only the best characteristics and not the worst ones, so there will never be attributed negative or offensive features.

What people will perceive is…

“oh, how i am perfect” because my colleagues see me in this or that way. Therefore, the activity that we suggest is referring to groups that already know each other and work together. It can be groups that work in close contact and have communication problems. But in this case, you will be able to bring out the positive points of each participant! And then, each will recognize the merits of others and evaluate it in different way. In this way the conviction will also emerge in others to recognize good parts and to see the person in another way.

Then, there is a more playful second part. Each hero will have his super move or a super power or a particular way of fighting, linked to the company. For example, secretary has super ability to make five calls and making invoices at the same time or videomaker who mounts great and even hanging upside down could mount any video.

In addition, we can make a video to which we will add special effects.

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