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Action Team Building in Saudi Arabia tests the performances of the team in completely different conditions from those lived in the office. Here, the keywords are action, adventure and excitement. So, during an Action Team Building the teams are in a completely unusual situation and must face challenges that require focusnerve and certain physical activity. But there’s no need to worry: these Team Building formats never require a particular physical or sportive preparation. And our specialized trainers help everyone act in complete security!

Team Building, in the context of human resources, constitutes a set of training activities, variously defined as team games, team experiences, team wellbeing, whose purpose is the training of a group of people up to the construction of the real Team. With our activities, we help people not only building a cohesive team, but also improve their communicative skills.

Action Team Building in Saudi Arabia: what are the effects?

Most of us spend at least five days a week sitting for many hours in the office in front of our computer screen, while the physical activity is – maybe – just limited to a short walk during our lunchtime. Changing our behavior and habits for a day is good for body and mind. This experience also helps us discover in our colleagues’ skills and qualities we could have never expected. Choosing an Action Team Building activity forces us to abandon our usual lifestyles and start thinking out of the box by putting in motion both mind and feet.

The success of any activity depends on the ability of the participants to work in teamoutline roles and action strategies. Designing and fulfilling a shared project will determine the success of a group and so its chances of triumph against the rival teams!

Consequently, in addition to teamwork inside the team, the activities typical of Action Team Building also develop competition between teams. Everyone does their best, so that leader potentials and individual capacities clearly emerge.

What goals can the team achieve with these team building activities?

The goals that our action team building can pursue are:

  • get to know people in depth
  • stimulate and increase collaboration and sensations
  • building and strengthening interpersonal relationships
  • create an atmosphere of trust and esteem among the companions
  • develop creativity, listening, empathy, motivation, cohesion, integration, leadership
  • work for goals
  • know and recognize oneself in the mission and in the corporate values
  • evaluate and appreciate the aptitudes, skills and potential of individuals

Our team of expert trainers always leads you within an unforgettable experience. Thus, the group becomes an authentic team. In the meantime we also facilitate the processes and the overall vision from a strategic point of view.

action team building goals
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You asked for fun? We’ll give it to you!

Among our Action Team Buildings, there are some of our favorite activities!

The absolute champion of the summer period is the Carton Boat activity. This format puts together creativity, originality and emotions. Participants, divided into teams, must project and build boats made of cardboard. And it’s not over: they even test them in the waters of the sea or in a swimming pool. The competition is intense! But everybody’s goal is not even to come first to the finish line… sometimes not to sink is more than enough!

So, the boat must be beautiful, decorated, but above all capable of floating. With this format, we work on a lot of important topics such as involvement, planning, coordination, fun, passion, challenge and, most of all, teamwork.

Action Team Building Crazy Car Race Doha Qatar

An example of Action Team Building: Crazy Car Race

Crazy Car Race: this activity’s purpose is to build a lightweight and originally adorned minicar that will carry one of the participants. The other members of the team will be the “engine” pushing the car. The materials provided for the building can be the funniest and weirdest, but always ecologic and recycled. What are they? Cardboard, recovered pieces of wood, wheels of different dimensions, and many others. It won’t be easy to construct the greatest car and win the speed race!

In this format the aim is to improve creativity and cohesion. Participants can give free rein to their imagination and express all the concepts they want. For example, the created Crazy Car can be dedicated to a new product of the company or its historical symbol. Or, it can be an original and funny creature of the unbridled imagination of its builders! The design and decoration part will therefore provide an additional moment of competition, challenge and fun for the teams. It is possible to provide an award for the most beautiful Crazy Car, after the construction phase and before the final race.

Are you curious to see other Action Team Buildings?

Check these out:



CSI-Crime Scene Investigation: in this activity, the Team will turn itself in a Forensic Squad to solve a horrible crime occurred in the hotel where we’re staying. With all the necessary instruments they will formulate a hypothesis, interrogate witnesses and… find the guilty!

Carton Boat

Carton Boat

Carton Boat: let’s challenge the principle of Archimedes! Develop an original project, create the boat and decorate it in the most original way. Only then we will put it to the test in water, with a speed race in the swimming pool. Participants just have to enjoy themselves and be careful not to sink!

Crazy Car Race

Crazy Car Race

Crazy Car Race: are you ready for a speed race? Let’s design and construct our mini car using recycled materials, and then put it to test on a track! Each team will choose a pilot who will be sit in the car and a “pusher” who will stand in and push as it was the motor. May the best win!

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder Mystery Dinner: the great classic of Team Building, it can have place during a corporate dinner with colleagues or customers. Guests are informed that a terrifying crime has occurred in the building, and they must discover the guilty. The suspense is very high and dinner is spent with great fun!

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