Creative Team Building

Working on the Team’s fantasy

Creative Team Building in Saudi Arabia: these fun and artistic activities will stimulate the artistic part of the brain and let team members live a totally new experience. In every Creative Team Building format, the teams must face challenges that pressure their abilityoriginality, and imagination! For all the members of the team, this is an opportunity both to express their creativity and to see their colleagues in an uncommon way. They become children again for a day because they will work with colors, shapes and constructions. A perfect way of expressing the company’s Vision, Mission, and Values.

The main goal of the Creative Team Building? To express imagination. It is a very flexible tool that can be easily used during conferences, incentive trips and in other occasions.

Creating an artwork means giving perceptible form to an idea. And there’s more! Participants get to touch with their hands the result of their own artistic work, talk about it and spend a great time together with their teammates. It is truly unexpected how much creativity can reveal even the less “poetic” people, once they have been put in a stimulating environment!

Why is creativity important in a corporate event?

One of the hardest problems for managers all around the world? How to share corporate values and principles to the team. The issue could seem predictable, but it isn’t when we come to practice. Teams must know their leader and recognize his values to follow and respect him in his decisions, particularly critic moments.

Having a “shared value” system is essential to any corporate mission statement. Yet, inserting it into change management strategies or highlighting its role in defining corporate culture are not easy things to do in a persuasive way. If done well however, showing and communicating your values both inside and outside the company can be a great thing. It may change the perception of your activities while contributing to the growth of your company philosophy. This is a move that provides numerous competitive benefits.

The goal of creative activities is to give shape to a concept or meaning. Last but not least, comparing the final result of individual artistic work with that of others generates strong motivation and lots of fun!

Art as a way of sharing (corporate) values…

With Creative Team Building, indeed, we can easily bring the coworkers to understand the company’s culture and values and make participants try to materialize them in an artwork. Which kind of artwork can it be? Anyone: a song, a painting, a short movie or a construction made of pasta or Lego bricks. Innovation and imagination go along with many other aspects, no less important.

What are they?

  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Relationship
  • Group motivation

As we can see, art in the workplace can inspire employees to think innovatively. It can also create conversations amongst them while actively building an image of corporate philosophy, principles and goals.

With an artistic Team Building event, diversity becomes a treasure, especially in an economic moment like this. In fact, today the ability to adapt to the market is determined by the uniqueness and intrinsic diversity of the teams, ideas and resources. The transformation of new elements, combined in a new way, creates new masterpieces.

Creative Team Building Movie Making Doha Qatar

…and creativity as an anti-stress!

Another problem with large companies? Stress!

Stress can be both positive or negative. The positive one can help people bring their best qualities to the surface. Instead, the strong negative one holds back initiative and creativity.


So how can we manage stressful situations? With creativity, of course!

It is a natural anti-stress. In fact, while we are focusing on an artistic task, we involve parts of our brain that are usually not used in our work. In this way, the parts of our brain that are normally used can rest, in such a way that afterwards we will return to work more relaxed and with new resources. Thus, art is the perfect way to manage stressful situations!

After this team activity, we will definitely return to the office with a great energy charge. Applying even a small part of the creativity exploited in the artistic team building activity to work could radically change our approach and our results. In this way, a Creative Team Building in Saudi Arabia will achieve not only a momentary effect of fun and relaxation for the participants. It will also have a long lasting result in achieving corporate goals!

In addition, creating works of art with our colleagues is a great way to have fun with them. Maybe not every one of us has a great artistic talent, but even just “messing up” the colors will make us children again. We will look at our colleagues from a completely new point of view, play together and bring pleasant memories home.

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Check out our creative activities!

Movie Making

Movie Making

Movie Making: one of our most unique formats, which we have transformed over the years into a piece de resistance, a pillar. Thanks to the use of the most innovative technologies, participants can quickly create real commercials, short films with dialogue, music and visual and sound effects. It is a creative format capable of adapting to various training or corporate animation purposes. It can transmit impactful training messages with a serious or light, ironic or engaging style; but it can also represent a day or an evening of pure fun.

Action Painting

Action Painting

Action Painting: let’s become artists for a day! Even those who believe they do not know how to draw at all, after a brief introductory lesson, can manage to create an absolutely unique piece of art. With this format we can easily bring employees to know the values ​​and corporate culture, promoting a series of key elements for the activity of the team. And there’s more: with the Big Picture option, which engages all the teams, the company’s Vision is embodied in one big spectacular painting.

Heroes Day

Heroes Day

Heroes Day: coming to the office every day to face work problems while interacting with some of your colleagues is a Mission Impossible? At the end of the week you feel like you’re becoming a superhero? Let it come true with a Heroes Day Team Building in which the team can feel invincible! The team attributes to each participant a superhero, already existing or brand new. Afterwards, all together create costumes and makeup. In the end, it is possibile to add to this activity a video spot with special effects!

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