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What should you know about us? For more than 12 years TeamWorking has been offering corporate Team Building activities for large and small companies, in Saudi Arabia and all over the world.
We currently have two headquarters, one in Milan and one in Dubai. With the aim of becoming bigger and more international, a third headquarter will soon be opened in Malta. In the Persian Gulf, in addition to Saudi Arabia, we also work in the Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and we have also arrived in Qatar too.
We work with a lot of different formats and activities and we offer both educational team coaching options and fun and dynamic team building possibilities.

Meet the founder: Giovanni Gambardella

What should you know about him?


He has been dealing with Team Coaching and Experiential Training for more or less 20 years. His mission is to bring a smile to the world, in working environments, and to make teams happier and deeply motivated.

With Teamworking, he has worked for the biggest companies all around the world, meeting more than 50,000 people. For more than 12 years, in fact, TeamWorking has been offering corporate Team Building activities for big and small companies.

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