Urban Movie Making

The city will become the protagonist of your movie!

One of the many variants of the Treasure Hunt and Urban Game that combines a good dose of creativity with the pleasure of visiting a beautiful city, is the Urban Movie Making Team Building. Just like a Team Building Movie Making, but set in the city streets. We have already experienced this activity in many places all around Italy and in the Arab Emirates, and we are looking forward to continuing the conquest of all over the world!

Together we will build our own memories of the visit in the city by making a movie out of our trip!

At first sight, it may seem a recreational activity, but in fact, creating a video spot demands great skills of organization, time management and teamwork. That’s why this Team Building in Doha can teach a lot to both managers and employees.

Participants will be able to make their impressions of the city become a short spot or a real short film with an underlying idea, a plot and protagonists. This is possible due to the material and technical support that we will provide together with our professional coaches.

They will first have to develop the concept and write down the script as a draft. Later, they will choose those who will be the actors and those who will stay behind the camera. Both roles are very important, because the success of the company will depend on the united efforts of everyone! Furthermore, participants will also have to deal with music and special effects to make the spot a real gem.

Action? Let’s put your creativity to test right away!

What’s the keyword of the activity?


The key Team Building factor in this Movie Making activity derives from the need to distinguish roles within the group, sharing tasks but, above all, communicating and sharing ideas.

As we’ve said, this activity is aimed at creating a short spot dedicated to the company. It can be dedicated to its new products or services, or to a theme of the convention.
With the support of trainers, participants will be able to carry out all phases of the creative process by themselves. They will work together in the:

  • ideation of the project
  • writing the storyboard for the future film
  • shooting
  • audio and video editing
  • special effects.

This is one of our most successful activities. Urban Movie Making is an unbeatable tool to give cohesion to the team and make everyone cooperate. Moreover, they will be able to collaborate in an environment full of joy and creativity!

Remember, not even the greatest Hollywood directors can accomplish anything without the contribution of their whole team!

Urban Movie Making Team Building: how does it work?

The participants, divided into groups, go around the city and challenge each other in the planning and execution of a spot or short movie.

All the teams will be equipped with the necessary tools and materials with which they can give free rein to their imagination. They can think of a funny video or a serious one, a thriller or a dramatic movie. It is a creative and exciting adventure that takes place all around the most beautiful spots in Doha. We think it is probably one of the best ways to spend time with friends or colleagues.

Moreover, participants can also take advantage from the collaboration of strangers in the city. This will improve a lot their communication skills. At the end of the activity, then, the small “multimedia works” can be projected and shared among all the participants.

Would you like to participate to an Urban Movie Team Building?
Urban Movie Making: creating a shared memory

What could be better than returning home after a beautiful trip and looking at the pictures you took? Do you usually take pictures or videos at everything you see and so you always travel with a camera in your hands?

This kind of Team Building allows the creation of an artistic artifact that will remain in memory of the experience lived and the city visited. With this short movie, once finished the activity, team members will remember every sensation, emotion or feeling they’ve lived. Everything about this experience will remain forever in their lives, inside and outside of the office. The chance to look at yourself acting on a screen is amazing. It allows you to understand how relationships work within the team and, if necessary, how to improve them.

Furthermore, the spot created can be shared within the company as well as outside it, for example on social media or as promotional messages.

urban movie making
Urban Movie Team Building: sharing corporate values

It will be an artistic and original version of the company’s Vision, Mission and Values statement that will accompany the business in the years to come.


Enhancing a historic brand projecting it into the future: this is definitely one of the purposes of this type of Team Building activity!

The other purposes of this kind of activity are also to make people aware of their artistic side. While creating their own movie, everyone will become aware of the innovation and the originality of their ideas. More, they will notice the quality of messages, the emotional impact and also the coherence of the film with the declared company’s goals.

What makes Urban Movie Making so engaging?

Technology and the fact that the participants will feel like real movie directors. The entire team will have to cooperate to give life to their own creation. They have to choose the right location, write the lines and film in first person. In fact, writing the screenplay, the dialogues and direct the actors can make them feel real professionists.

With the help of the most updated technologies, participants will be able to improve all their skills.

They will learn what is really important in team work:

  • Relationship
  • Communication
  • Healthy Challenge
  • Group Motivation
  • Collaboration
  • Sharing Values ​​
  • Integration
  • Cohesion
  • Leadership
  • Mutual Knowledge

Why do companies choose this kind of Team Building?

Here are some of the reasons that lead companies to choose Urban Movie Making:

  • While exploring the city, participants are also totally immersed in the process of filming. They are concentrated on every single detail and as a result they feel freed and open up to their colleagues.
  • Participants can exit their comfort zone, create and consider ideas in non-standard conditions for themselves.
  • It helps people understand better the other team members. As well as in the everyday life, during the process of movie shooting communication skills are vital.
  • Changing the environment, discover new places, helps to relieve tension and stress. This, in turn, increase productivity.
  • The final movies and the backstage videos can be reviewed at corporate events. This will make people laugh and remember the experience they’ve lived all together.
movie making

There’s more! You can also live a similar experience without visiting and exploring a city! That’s our Movie Making Team Building format. It is a creative activity in which participants will only be concentrated on filming, without all the beautiful distractions of the city.

Organize your next teambuilding event with us!