Team Building Action Painting 

Team Building Action Painting: company’s values

One of the most difficult problems for companies all over the world is the transmission of corporate values and principles to the employees. The question may seems trivial, but it is not when we are moving on to the practical level. Employees need to know their leader and his/her philosophy to follow him/her in the decisions, especially in the most difficult moments. We decided to create our own solution to this problem with a format based on creativity and imagination. And here is Team Building Action Painting, a popular program of experiential training.

Painting Team Building is a collective work on a canvas, similar to solving a business problem or working on a project. That means goal setting, training and decision making “on the go”, personal and collective contribution to the common cause, responsibility for the result. The main goal of this activity is to give a shape to a concept or meaning.

Team more motivated, with Team Building Action Painting

With Team Building Action Painting in Saudi Arabia employees are fully involved in the creative process, while they build connections, trust and team cohesion among them. Participants are imbued with a creative atmosphere, a desire to make a contribution to the common cause and the company’s values. With this activity we can easily bring employees to get to know Vision, Mission and Culture of the company, promoting a number of key elements for team’s activity. Choosing the plot of the picture, employer gently conveys to the employees the main task, the vector of the main application of efforts, a certain super goal. This is the element of “structureless management” for the team.

Are you ready to picture your corporate values?

Creative Team Building: which advantages?

Creativity and imagination are necessary components in this activity, accompanied by no less important and fundamental aspects as:

  • teamwork;
  • communication;
  • challenge;
  • collaboration;
  • creativity;
  • group motivation.

There are many advantages in this Incentive Activity and Team Building. Action Painting Team Building is fast and effective format with all the materials (canvases, colours, etc.) provided by our team. In addition, there are no limits for possible locations! In fact, we can organise the event at your headquarters or any other indoor location with enough space or in outdoor location. We can organize Painting Team Building following different variations such as decoupage, decoration of mosaics or body painting, to give ample space to the taste and mode of personal expression.

How does the activity take place?

Creative Team Building Action Painting in Qatar

Team Building Action Painting is a very engaging way to get together. Each team selects a symbol or a word or whatever in their opinion has a meaning related to the company’s values, mission and pillars. Once the team has done a brainstorming together, listened to each other decided the main concept, then they transfer into something concrete like a design or drawing. At the same time participants realise what is more and what is less important for the future of the company. Once they select the symbol, we will ask them to make a drawing all together. Also this part will require the Team Working. The result of this work is great because all participants will work in order to create their masterpiece with the presentation of what is important for the company’s values and pillars.

Action Painting Team Building: one format, many formats!

This creative team building activity isn’t only one format for all. According to the client’s needs, there’s possibility to choose different options and materials.

Body Painting

The origin of Body Painting is deeply rooted in the ancient traditions. Applied to the corporate world, Body Painting techniques can produce visual images that acquire a clear meaning through “group observation”, while being based on important concepts, themes and values the company chooses. The result is a captivating multisensorial activity, full of emotions and entertainment. This activity will reveal the talents of employees and give the opportunity to implement creative ideas and unite the team.


Mosaics creation is an ideal tool for improving employee interaction. Each participant will feel his own importance and contribute to the creation of a common masterpiece.  The teams will have to produce photos on a specific topic, related to a company value or a theme of the convention. At the end of activity the images taken will be put together to create a unique work! This joint activity and creative atmosphere contributes to the development and disclosure of creative abilities in the team.


The joint art can make a real Team out of an ordinary working group! The goal of Graffiti Team Building is creation of a joint painting. Have your team ever tried spray-painting on the walls? The Graffiti activity begins with a series of team tasks, through which participants get learn to communicate more effectively and at the same time get the necessary materials for creativity. During this activity the teams will create a real work of art. For this activity the company must have available space to do it.


In this activity participants, divided in teams, will face an unusual challenge. They will create an original project from the first sketch to the realization and presentation, recycling materials that company has in the availability. The project we are going to create can be linked to one of the company themes or products or simply to team’s interests. Important moment is that it is an ecological project as we will recycle materials. The participants will use clippings (of newspapers, magazines, papers, objects).

An example of success: Action Painting Big Picture

Usually, in an Action Painting Team Building each team produces a different picture. But there’s another option: Big Picture. In this declination of the painting format, all the pictures, once completed a united, reveal a unite project. So, the participants will be divided into teams and each one will prepare its own painting, following a common indication of theme or style. Then, the paintings of all teams will be put together to create a big picture with a single meaning.

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