Urban Game iPad

Do you want to try a different type of Team Building?

Urban Game iPad or City Game iPad is one of our most popular Team Building formats. It is a thrilling adventure that puts the participants in another dimension. They will walk among the most ancient parts of the city, such as the souq of Doha, and take photos and videos with the most updated technologies. In fact, one of the activities that we often first recommend when we are asked for outdoor Team Building activities is the Urban Game iPad.

Team Building Urban Game iPad: why do we recommend it?

Because it is perfect for staying outdoor and visiting the city by going around and touch the lesser known places. Hidden and mysterious places full of curiosities to be discovered. If the team members need to find again a sense of direction because everyone goes their way and people feel like they can’t communicate nor cooperate, this is the best occasion to improve the team’s skills and teamwork. It is surely the right time to rediscover the team spirit! Try doing it by organizing an Urban Game, a way to explore the most hidden places of the city together.

Why is this activity so special?

This activity is special because it allows participants to walk through the hidden streets of small ancient and traditional centers. It is an opportunity not only to explore the city but also to learn to count on teammates to win the race and live an extraordinary experience.
If your team want something even more exciting, then, you can go for the Urban Game iPad.

Urban teambuilding is a great source of fun and entertainment, but not only! It also allows you to improve:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication (in particular when we talk about intercultural or multicultural teams)
  • Integration
  • Problem solving
  • Fantasy and “out of the box” thought

What makes our Urban Game even more engaging?

Technology. Our Urban Game iPad team building takes benefit from the latest technologies, especially the iPad. With it, participants will have even more fun.

In fact, with the iPad their tour can become even more engaging and interactive. They will take a lot of photos and short videos, challenging other teams in quizzes and puzzles, sending funny pranks and much more. This makes possible a larger interaction between the different teams: while they tour the city, they can send each other photos, messages, and even tricks. The iPad will even let them explore the special effects of the so-called augmented reality, adding virtual elements to the surrounding reality and letting people enter in a new dimension.

Would you like to discover a city with an Urban Game iPad?

What does Urban Game iPad consist of?

The goal to achieve

All the participants, divided into small groups, will have to travel stages that will allow them to know different aspects of the city:

  • Historical
  • Cultural
  • Artistic
  • Gastronomic

The many stimulating activities constitute the most important aspect that characterizes this format. Urban Game iPad is an excellent tool that allows participants to collaborate and interact with local people. It also helps people express themselves and get to know each other in a new different way.

A lot of activities to do, challenges to tackle, fun games – that’s how teams get points. The more points they get, the greater the chances of winning the Urban Game iPad Team Building. As we said, participants can also be able to try typical food and drinks. In fact, the activity can also include food and wine breaks. A great opportunity to taste typical dishes, get to know the local culture and the culinary specialties of the place! They will return to the office with memories of traditional smells and the desire to savor typical dishes again. It will be a great adventure!


The group is usually divided into smaller teams. Based on organizational needs, they can range from 5 to 15 people each and each team follows a different personalized path. With the Urban Game iPad, the route is indicated by a geolocated app installed on the iPad. That will lead participants to the city and submits to them tests and quizzes to be passed. The iPad will be the only tool available for the group to orient itself. It indicates the places to reach, but on several occasion each one of the teams will be able to decide independently which path to choose.

In addition to the possibility of making challenges, creative activities and answering quizzes (all of them can be customized according to the company’s requests), there is also the possibility of sending messages between groups or receiving messages or video-messages from important people inside or outside the company.
It is not a matter of speed, but of creativity and fun!


Augmented Reality

In recent years many of us has discovered augmented reality. It consists of a visual effect that use the camera of our device (phone or, as in this case, ipad) to show on screen elements that we can actually see around us (buildings, trees or people) and it adds to them also elements that in reality we do not see.

By framing an image, we can see a different image appear in its place, or we can even see it coming alive in a video! But that’s more, we can also see a 3D object appearing in front of us and we can rotate it and look at it from all sides. Usually it will be “flying” over us and team members have to “capture” it  with the iPad. The captured object will in fact be present, then, in the inventory and will in turn allow participants to unlock hints or evidence.

With this Team Building adventure, participants will have the opportunity to live exciting adventures, know the places visited from a different point of view, discover the artistic and cultural aspects of the city and do entertaining and stimulating activities.

The activity also requires a dose of physical involvement to

  • walk around the city
  • take artistic photographs in spontaneous or funny poses

but there’s no need to worry! No type of sports training is required: we will make sure that nobody gets tired!

Urban Game iPad: you can also do it indoor

Urban Game iPad can also be organized indoor. If you have a beautiful location, a villa, a museum or even corporate spaces at your disposal, an Urban Game iPad Team building can be organized inside them and there will be QR codes to search, find and scan. It is a new and extremely exciting way to get to know new or already known places. In fact, participants can look at them with different eyes.


We know that to do an “Urban” Team Building activity indoor may sound strange, but we assure you that fun is guaranteed in any case, whether it is done outside or inside. By staying indoor, the participants will have the opportunity to challenge each other in a smaller environment than the whole city, and this will make the activity even more challenging and within everyone’s reach.

Treasure Hunt Urban Game iPad indoor map
Treasure Hunt Urban Game iPad indoor gadget
With our Urban Game iPad we’ve visited a lot of different cities. What are you waiting for? Come with us and find out what are them!




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