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Teambuilding Saudi: 13 years of experience in corporate events facilitate our mission to fulfill any client’s needs in this field.
We develop customized tour programs which assist in our in-depth understanding of the client,
and eventually, aim to create a coherent team spirit among the members and improve teamwork.
We also organize dynamic activities to animate corporate conventions, meetings, and kick-offs.
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Outdoor Training Team Building Doha Qatar


During team building training activities in Saudi Arabia we work on group dynamics in an indirect and playful way, but always with awareness and with specific exercises. Mental and physical interaction facilitates the creation of deeper relationships between people who are used to seeing themselves as colleagues.

Team Coaching - Coach Giovanni Gambardella founder of Teamworking


An effective and well-managed team can significantly improve individuals’ performance.

For this reason, Team Coaching is the main tool through which each company can focus the Team, working on communication skills with the aim of increasing sales and achieving corporate goals.

desert dubai team


A Desert Adventure will take your team into the desert to discover the most extreme face of Saudi Arabia! An adventure on the brink of extreme sport, this team building tests the team’s endurance and courage. Participants face challenges related to difficult weather conditions, but also problem solving activities.


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Teambuilding Saudi: Check Out Our Team Building Formats

We offer more than 60 corporate team building formats to satisfy every taste and every need. For example, with Outdoor Team Building we offer dynamic and competitive games in order to stimulate physical interaction and informal communication. And with Indoor Team Building we offer creative activities to improve lateral thinking and problem solving. That’s why our Team Building Activities are great to improve communication and integrate the team.

Urban Team Building

It’s a creative and thrilling adventure in which participants can explore and discover the city while having fun and performing creative tasks.

Cooking Team Building

Food brings people together and creates relationships. Especially in places where different cultures and cuisines meet and fuse together, Team Cooking is a perfect way to integrate an international team.

Creative Team Building

Working on the team's fantasy! For the participants, this is an opportunity both to express their creativity and to see their colleagues in an unusual way.

Music Team Building

This one is one of the most effective team building methods. In fact, music is a universal language, with which it is possible to share emotions better than with any word or gesture.

Action Team Building

Action Team Building tests performances of the team in conditions radically different from the ones in the office. Keywords here are adventure, action, and fun.

Social Team Building

Social Team Building is a category that helps to make useful our interventions, bringing together all those social initiatives that are aimed at raising awareness in the participants.

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