Desert Adventure in Saudi Arabia

An extreme experience to strengthen Team Spirit

We all know the Arab desert as it occupies most of the Arabian peninsula. It is, in fact, the fifth largest desert in the world and the largest in Asia.

A Team Building activity in this environment will take your team to discover the most extreme face on earth!

A way to explore new cultures, find new dimensions and discover territories not just like tourists. An adventure at the limit of extreme sport. Desert Adventure Team Building puts on trial the resistance and the nerve of the team!

Participants face challenges linked to the difficult weather conditions, but also problem-solving activities.

Which abilities can you develop and improve during a Desert Adventure team building?

  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Team Work
  • Stress Management
  • Crisis Management
Between ancient and modern life

Immerse yourself in desert life, both ancient and modern. Leave for an exciting quad biking adventure or simply an excursion in the desert dunes.

Adventure Team Building is a great way to blow new life into your team – with a breath of fresh air and a lot of sun! This type of team building activity incorporates many of the elements that you find in traditional corporate events, but it accomplishes them through desert activities and adventurous games.

Team building in the desert is perfect if your company needs events that can truly offer a change of pace for your team. Taking employees out of the office to learn new skills through a variety of different means is a great start. Desert adventure activities can invigorate a group of people and help bond better than any other experience.

Perhaps even better than any other corporate event, team building in the desert solves communication problems, strengthens leadership skills and assists in problem solving, decision making and teamwork.

Desert Adventure in Saudi Arabia: activities

Traveling in the desert with our team, by car, 4×4 quad or sometimes on foot? Each of these is a great way to live a truly unforgettable experience and create a team spirit that will not go away for a while. Mutual help and mutual trust will allow us to overcome difficult climatic conditions. An invaluable experience that will leave breathtaking memories (and a lot of photos, of course)!

Let’s now discover the different options for your desert adventure in Saudi Arabia (and not only: we also organize these activities in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar!)



This challenging team building experience encourages participants to build relations, take decisions and find references. Teams, equipped with a basic set of tools (compass and map), have to find out some points of reference while traveling in the desert.

What is Orienteering? This team building in the desert is a true challenge for the most fearless teams. In its origin, it was a race on wild terrain born in Scandinavia. It consists in a limited time challenge, in which rival teams, with the help of a topographic map and possibly a compass, must reach the finish line in less time. They also have to pass in a specific order a series of checkpoints, marked with flags. The difficulty of Orienteering is to independently find the best path to follow.

In the Orienteering Team Building in the desert, the team members find themselves outside their comfort zone. They have to make decisions and look for points of reference in a completely unknown environment. With this Team Building we can observe technical leadership behaviors versus charismatic leadership behaviors. In other words, we see how decisions are made and what are their premises.


Has it ever happened to you to face a crisis situation in the office? Well, it hardly could have been more challenging than surviving in the desert! With experienced survival trainers the teams learn how to deal with every kind of difficult situations.

Survival Team Building in the desert is the most adventurous and intelligent way to observe teamwork in difficult natural conditions. The survival, or at least the well-being, of the team depends on how people manage to work together. The coaches provide some fundamental tools, but only after observing how the teams tackle solving problems and challenges.

The advantage? In the desert, where every type of reference or resource is missing, the skills of “de-specialization” and “improvisation” of each participant emerge.

desert survival

In fact, each team member is forced to take advantage of their personal characteristics to help the group face the challenges. The term Survival refers to the ability to cope with unexpected situations with resources that weren’t prepared specifically for that situation. It is an activity where the teams solve problems without the designed solutions.


Why is it important?

Because nowadays we’re always used to getting solutions from an external source, such as colleagues, department manager and so on. Therefore, our brain slowly atrophies. This Team Building is designed to encourage our ability and creativity in order to find solutions even in very difficult contexts. The activity should show participants that depending on one another increases their chances of surviving.

Does it seem interesting to you?


As a day-long adventure to add to our incentive activities, we suggest to bring the team into the wild for an excursion in the desert. Participants will be surrounded by impressive panoramas and they will have to face challenges linked to orienteering and surviving in hard weather conditions.

In our adventures, we always have great desert experts by our side. For example? In 2017 we crossed the Sinai desert with Max Mahdi Calderan, a famous Italian extreme explorer! Max is also the author of books on desert training such as The Force Within. In April 2006, he was the first in the world to cross the Qatar desert running, taking 38 hours and 10 minutes to cover 202 km.

What did Max Calderan teach us?

Mostly his teaching showed us how to use our mental strength. It allows a person to exploit the full potential of the human body and mind! In fact, our body hides abilities and forces that we do not believe possible, but that reveal themselves under extreme conditions. Running in the desert, extremely hot in the day and extremely cold in the night, without resting or eating, is an opportunity to test all our hidden skills.

Our desert trainers will educate the teams on how to fully use all the potential of the body and mind, how to deal with difficulties and survive in extreme weather conditions. Basically, they’ll come back to the office feeling like Bear Grylls!

max calderan desert excursion

A special guide for the excursion in the desert,

Max Calderan.

quad orienteering

Quad Orienteering

We recommend this activity for all those companies who want to work intensively on the company identity, division of roles and setting and reaching common goals. Moreover, this activity is very inspiring and will stimulate excitements in the most young and active participants. So, Desert Adventure Team Building will bring many benefits to the team. But, in this case, there are also also strong emotions that only sporty driving can give! It is a special proposal to strengthen team spirit and work intensely on the concept of teamwork.

How is this Quad Orienteering Team Building done?

Participants are divided into teams, and each group has at disposal only a compass and a card to be marked on. The team members assign the internal roles of the participants. They can also decide to alternate the steering control, so that everyone tries to drive the quad.

Departures will be alternated. Participants receive the checkpoints, marked on the map, in a strict sequential order they have to follow. At each point, to demonstrate they’ve actually been there, a team member gets off from the quad to stamp the card. At the finish line, if all the stamps seem regular, Teamworking team proclaims the winner of the squad that took less time to reach the end.

Try this awesome experience in the desert!