Team News

Team brings news

With this Team Building format, participants will have the opportunity to create a schedule of a television broadcast regarding current news, just like a television newscast. Within the overall video, each member of the group will have their own small dedicated space. In order to fill it, they will have to do a 1-2 minute service in which they will update their team members on the chosen topic.

This Stream Building format is an excellent opportunity to try to enter a world that we are so used to seeing but which at the same time seems so far from our daily lives, that of television studios.

We thought of creating Team News format during a time when we are all at home due to a forced quarantine. For this, we have certainly often turned on the TV or radio to have company. This Team Building is an excellent opportunity to try to enter a new world. That world that we’re used to seeing and hearing but which is so far from our everyday life.

Each company newscast will be recorded and then showed to the rest of the team and company. For this reason, it will be a video that can be viewed in the future. It could remain as a collective memory element to be used on festive occasions. Also, it could be used as an element of promotion inside or outside the company itself.

Live or recorded service

Within the team there may be two types of services. For the slightly more courageous and outstanding participants, it will be possible to do a live streaming service with all the other team members watching. Whoever chooses this way will be able to tell the decided topic in the way they prefer, without preparation or registration.

For those who need to prepare in advance, to test more, or simply want to put their creativity into play, there is the possibility of broadcasting a previously recorded service. During the registration, moreover, the participants will also be able to invent particular envoys or characters with special characteristics.

Even for those who do not like to appear on video there’s the opportunity to create something. In fact, not necessarily everyone must conduct or report a service. With the division of tasks within the team, there is the possibility that someone is looking for information and sharing it with others just verbally.

In all these ways, however, the guiding thread will always be of the corporate type. The latest news about the company, product advertising, updates on new communication methods or resource management will be heard on the news. Especially in a period like this, it can be an opportunity to improve various aspects of the team’s characteristics. Especially the work on communication.

team news

TG Team: test yourself

Whether we are far or close to each other, this Team Building format is excellent for testing your communication and creativity skills. Making up a story or a character and telling it, with a short service of a few minutes, is not easy at all. This is an activity that engages all day and turns people’s daily life towards the event.

First, in fact, the team will have to collaborate and discuss the schedule of the journalistic broadcast together. Participants will have to decide the topics and share them, in order to create a fluid and sensible sequence of services. The order and the maximum time of each service will then be decided. Once the time has come to broadcast it, every participant will have the opportunity to share their video with the others, coming to create an alternating sequence between the conductor and the correspondents. This will make it the same as that of a real newscast.

The difference compared to a real newscast, however, is seriousness. Within the transmission there can be various types of interventions. Topics can vary from current business types or news stories, and can also be told in a comic style. In addition, participants can decide to insert advertising breaks and it is possible to interview people of choice. These can be important people within the company or made up characters for the occasion.

As already anticipated, even team members can identify with non-traditional characters, using all the most various objects that can come to their mind. They can use make up, various gadgets or even real disguises.

Don’t miss the chance to try this new format!

The peculiarities of creating a newscast

The work of creating a journalistic programming schedule requires great concentration and respect for deadlines. On TV you always work at great speed, organizing the interventions, advertisements and services to be broadcast second by second. There is space for improvisation, but only on the basis of a previous meticulous organization.

In fact, as it may not seem, the tv hosts plan every minute of their words. Therefore, for a successful transmission, time management is essential. Furthermore, it is important to monitor everything that happens and leave nothing to chance!

This is an opportunity to improve various aspects of the team’s characteristics, among which they will improve and stimulate:

  • Time management
  • Stress management
  • Creativity
  • Resource management
  • Communication
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Division of tasks

The perfect occasions for a Newscast together

Just like the Radio Team format, some excellent times to do this type of activity together with your team could be Family Days or festive days, as it could be an excellent way to stay updated on their progress. It will accompany the participants of the event throughout the day. And the recording of the final video with all the interventions of the broadcast will remain as a beautiful memory. That memory can be showed on the same evening or in the most important moments of the year!

If, on the other hand, we are in a moment in which we cannot leave the house like the one characterized by the quarantine from Covid-19, it could simply be a way to relax and create happy moments together with your group of colleagues, even from a distance.

Don’t miss the chance to try this new format!