Escape Box Team Building


Team building is the most effective way to achieve a number of goals (creating relationships, sense of belonging, celebrating and indeed motivating the work team), through play, art, sports, adventure or logic.

Certainly, you’re familiar with the Escape Room game. Now, introducing a thrilling alternative – Escape Box!

This entirely new logic game challenges each team member to apply their unique skills to solve puzzles.

The objective? Prevent the bomb from detonating!


In this adrenaline-fueled activity, participants must harness their individual skills to tackle the presented puzzles.

The challenge is to piece together the clues, solve the puzzles, and discover the solution that will defuse the bomb, ensuring survival and team success!

A challenge to save the world

Embark on a mission to save the world! In this time-sensitive challenge, a device with a 60-minute timer can only be disarmed through teamwork.

The team must successfully solve all the riddles and puzzles concealed within a secret briefcase provided at the activity’s outset. Upon unlocking the briefcase, participants will encounter a series of puzzles and mysteries, reminiscent of a true Escape Room experience. The race against time intensifies as they strive to open padlocks, retrieve hidden keys, and decipher codes in the shortest time possible.

Get ready for a thrilling adventure: it will be a real race against time!

How does the activity work?

As previously stated, each team will receive a briefcase containing multiple boxes at the start of the activity. Participants must explore these boxes to uncover the necessary clues for reaching the solution, entering the code, and defusing the explosive device within the given time limit.

Key to success? Collaboration! Similar to everyday life and business, success hinges on the synergy of diverse skills and confidence in one’s abilities. However, there’s a catch – keep a close eye on the ticking clock!

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The two variants


The game offers two entertaining options:


  1. BOMB RACE: A spirited competition challenge where teams race against each other. The first team to solve puzzles and defuse the bomb is declared the winner. It’s a head-to-head competition, and only the fastest team emerges victorious.
  2. ESCAPE TOGETHER: A genuine team-building experience where each team, after solving puzzles in its box, collaborates with other teams to piece together the solution for defusing the bomb. This mode emphasizes collaboration both within one’s own team and with others.


Simply choose your favorite or the one aligning with your vision and values, then reach out to us to book your event.

Perfect for the Smartworking Teams: Virtual Escape Room

If your team works in smart working but you still want to organize a Team Building activity, we have the perfect solution for you!

For the first time in a digital version, this format involves solving puzzles and riddles with colleagues or friends.

Your team will navigate a series of web pages, working together to reach the final destination and successfully escape the virtual Escape Room.

This format is great for reuniting team members and enhancing skills like problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.

Solving online puzzles demands concentration, collaboration, speed, strategy, and time management.

Faced with each puzzle, the team will have to decide quickly whether to ask for help, which will cost minutes, or to try to enter the solution and risk getting it wrong. In case of a wrong solution, the team will receive a penalty.

Escape box following the footsteps of the Escape Room

Escape Rooms have gained global popularity since 2006! In a live Escape Room, participants face a thrilling logic game. Locked in a themed room, they must find a way out within one hour, using room elements to solve codes, puzzles, brain teasers, and riddles.

This activity goes beyond fun with friends; it can also serve as a team-building exercise for colleagues. Collaboration is essential, as without combining everyone’s efforts, finding the exit is impossible!

We even have a special Christmas Edition!

Welcome to an enchanting Christmas adventure with our new team building format: Escape Box: Save Santa Edition! Immerse yourself in the magic of the season as you embark on a thrilling journey to rescue Santa Claus from the mischievous elf’s magical trap. This unique Christmas Team Building Experience is now available in RiyadhJeddah, and Dammam, bringing festive joy and excitement to teams across Saudi Arabia.

In this variant, Santa Claus is held captive by a playful but troublesome elf who aims to spoil the holiday spirit. Locked in a magical room filled with whimsical puzzles and challenges, Santa needs your team’s collective wit and problem-solving skills to break free and save Christmas!


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