Escape Box Team Building

Deactivate the bomb!

Team building is the most effective way to achieve a number of goals (creating relationships, sense of belonging, celebrating and indeed motivating the work team), through play, art, sports, adventure or logic.

You surely know the Escape Room game. With this brand new format, we bring you an exciting and compelling alternative to the famous Escape Room!

Escape Box is, in fact, a completely new logic game in which each team member will have to bring his or her individual skills to bear in trying to solve puzzles.

Goal of the activity? Don’t detonate the bomb!


In this new and adrenaline-pumping activity, each team member will have to use their individual skills to try to solve the proposed puzzles.

It will be up to the participants to put all the pieces together, solve the puzzles and find the solution that will enable them to defuse the bomb, survive and save the team!

A challenge to save the world

A device with a timer, typically lasting 60 minutes, can only be defused if the team works together and manages to solve all the riddles and puzzles inside the secret briefcase given to them at the start of the activity. Once the briefcase is opened, participants will be faced with a series of puzzles and mysteries, in true Escape Room style. They will have to open padlocks, retrieve hidden keys and discover codes in the shortest possible time.

It will be a real race against time!

But how does the activity work?

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of the activity each team will be given a briefcase with several boxes inside which participants will have to find all the clues they need to get to the solution, enter the code and defuse the explosive device before time runs out.

Collaboration is the key! Just as in everyday life and business, the combination of different skills and confidence in one’s abilities will ensure everyone’s success. But…watch out for time!

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The two variants

The game can have two fun options:

  1. BOMB RACE: a healthy competition challenge. Teams will compete against each other, and only the first team to solve the puzzles and defuse the bomb will be proclaimed the winner! So here the teams will compete against each other and only one of them will win: the fastest.
  2. ESCAPE TOGETHER: a true team building, in which each team, after solving the puzzles inside its box, will have to join and work together with other teams so as to put the pieces together and find the solution to defuse the bomb. In this mode, collaboration will come out twice: both with one’s own team and with others.


You just need to choose your favorite, or the one that complies more with your vision and values, and contact us to book your event.

Similar but Different: Virtual Escape Room

For the first time also in digital, the format will consist of a series of puzzles and riddles to be solved together with one’s colleagues or group of friends.

In this case, the team will have to follow a path consisting of a series of web pages through which they will untangle themselves to arrive at the final destination and succeed in their escape from the Escape Room.

This format is particularly good for reconnecting team members and developing team skills such as problem solving, communication and a sense of togetherness.

The work of solving various online puzzles requires concentration, collaboration, speed, strategy and Time Management.

Faced with each puzzle, the team will have to decide quickly whether to ask for help, which will cost minutes, or to try to enter the solution and risk getting it wrong. In case of a wrong solution it will receive a penalty.

Escape box following the footsteps of the Escape Room

We are all familiar with Escape Rooms as they have more or less become a worldwide hit since 2006! A live Escape Room is a logic game with a large adrenaline component. The contestants, locked in a room set up with a theme, must find a way out within the allotted time, usually one hour. To do so, they can use every element in the room and solve codes, puzzles, brain teasers and riddles.

Not only fun among friends, this activity can also become formative as Team Building if a group of colleagues is in the room. In fact, collaboration is necessary: without combining everyone’s efforts, finding the exit is absolutely impossible!

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