Stream Building

How to keep your team engaged from home

Even in a time of difficulty such as that characterized by a global pandemic, we try to be with you doing what we do best: organize Team Building events.

Obviously, not being able to organize them in person and in the open air, the solution we thought of was to organize them in a virtual way, making use of the technologies we have available.


We are really happy that these formats are working and helping different companies and teams to feel united even in a period like this! These kinds of Team Building are a big and important turning point in the event world since they’re safeengaging and will make people feel like a team again!

Take a look at all the formats

Team News

team news

Movie Making

movie making



Corporate Song

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Virtual Graffiti

virtual graffiti


mosaic team

Action Painting


Heroes Day

heroes day in Qatar
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Stand Up Comedy

stand up comedy

Mystery Murder

dinner with murder


theatre storytelling
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pasta engineering

Super Quiz

super quiz

Escape Room


Lip Dub

lip dub
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Social Media

social media masters

Start up!




Pasta Cooking

But it’s not over! In addition to these activities we have others, click below and find out how to organize your next online event!

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